Nev. Admin. Code § 446.425 - Systems for potable and nonpotable water

Current through March 28, 2022

1. There may be no cross connection between:
(a) The supply of potable water; and
(b) Any water which is nonpotable, or may be nonpotable, or any source of pollution by which the potable water might become contaminated.
2. A system of nonpotable water which meets the limitations established by the State for levels of bacteria may only be used for purposes such as air-conditioning, cleaning, flushing toilets and fire protection and only if the system is approved by the health authority and does not come into direct or indirect contact with food, potable water or equipment that comes in contact with food or utensils. The piping of any nonpotable water must be clearly and permanently identified so that it is readily distinguishable from piping that carries potable water.
3. The system for potable water must be installed to preclude the possibility of backflow. Devices must be installed to protect against backflow and back siphonage on all fixtures and equipment which do not have an air gap which is at least twice the diameter of the inlet for the water between the inlet and the fixture's flood level rim. A hose may not be attached to a faucet unless a device to prevent backflow is installed.
4. A backflow prevention assembly must be located so that it may be serviced and maintained.
5. A device, including, without limitation, a water treatment device or backflow preventer must be scheduled for inspection and service in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and as necessary to prevent device failure based on local water conditions. Records demonstrating inspection and service must be maintained by the person in charge.
6. If not provided with an air gap, a backflow prevention assembly consisting of two independent check valves with an intermediate vent to the atmosphere, preceded by a screen of not less than 100 mesh to 1 inch (100 mesh to 25.4 mm), must be installed upstream from a carbonating device and downstream from any copper in the water supply line.
7. A single or double check valve attached to the carbonator need not be of the vented type if an air gap or vented backflow prevention assembly has otherwise been provided.
8. The piping of a nonpotable water system must be durably identified so that it is readily distinguishable from piping that carries potable water.


Nev. Admin. Code § 446.425
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NRS 439.150, 439.200, 446.940

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