Nev. Admin. Code § 483.750 - Licensure as operator: Prerequisites; operation of branch location or multiple schools; surrender of license upon ceasing operation or closing branch location

1. In addition to any applicable statutory requirements, an applicant for a license to operate a school for drivers must:
(a) Submit to the Department:
(1) The full legal name and address of principal residence of each person who has an ownership interest in the school or who is an officer of the school; and
(2) The proposed days and hours of operation of the school;
(b) Be a licensed instructor for a course, or employ or contract for the services of at least one person who is a licensed instructor;
(c) Within the 2 years immediately preceding the date an applicant submits his or her application to operate a school, not have a conviction of:
(1) Two or more traffic offenses; or
(2) A gross misdemeanor;
(d) Within the 5 years immediately preceding the date an applicant submits his or her application to operate a school, not have been convicted of a felony;
(e) Never have been convicted of:
(1) An offense involving fraud, dishonesty or moral turpitude;
(2) A sexual offense as defined in NRS 179D.097; or
(3) A crime that the Department determines is related to the operation of a school for drivers; and
(f) Not be a law enforcement officer whose primary duty assignment includes the enforcement of traffic laws in the jurisdiction in which the school is located.
2. If the applicant is applying for a license to operate a school for training drivers that will provide behind-the-wheel training, the applicant must furnish the Department with:
(a) A list of each vehicle used by the school for training drivers, including the year, make, model and vehicle identification number of each vehicle;
(b) A copy of the certificate of insurance that clearly identifies the vehicle insured for each vehicle used by the school for training drivers;
(c) A copy of the lease agreement for each vehicle which is leased by the school and used for the training of drivers;
(d) The proposed plan of behind-the-wheel training that the school will offer, including copies of detailed training outlines;
(e) Proof of the experience required by subsection 5 of NRS 483.710; and
(f) Any other information concerning the applicant's honesty and integrity which the Department considers necessary.
3. An operator shall include in the application the address of each place where the operator conducts business and the name under which he or she does business at each address. If an operator does business at more than one address, the operator shall designate one address as his or her principal place of business and one name as the principal name of the business. The operator shall designate as branch locations all his or her other business addresses not otherwise designated as a principal place of business pursuant to this subsection. A branch location must be operated under the same name as the principal place of business.
4. An applicant who makes application to the Department to operate more than one school, in addition to meeting the requirements of subsections 2 and 3, must meet the requirements of NRS 483.710 and:
(a) Submit a separate application and fee for each school the applicant will be operating under a different name; and
(b) Prohibit an instructor employed by the school from instructing at a school or branch location for which he or she is not licensed.
5. If a school ceases operation as a school for training drivers, it shall immediately surrender to the Department the license issued by the Department.
6. If a school closes a branch location, it shall surrender to the Department the license for that location within 10 calendar days after the date of closure.


Nev. Admin. Code § 483.750
Added to NAC by Dep't of Motor Veh. & Pub. Safety, eff. 9-13-85; A 11-9-95; R150-98, 9-25-98; R065-00, 8-21-2000; A by Dep't of Motor Veh. by R157-01, 8-27-2002; R140-12, 12-20-2012, eff. 1-15-2013

NRS 481.051, 483.710

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