Nev. Admin. Code § 638.0525 - Veterinary technician in training: Supervision; requirements for registration; fee; issuance of letter of registration; duration of registration

1. A person may perform the tasks of a veterinary technician under the immediate supervision of a supervising veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician while the person is receiving the training and experience required by paragraph (h) of subsection 2 if he or she is registered with the Board pursuant to this section.
2. To be registered as a veterinary technician in training, a person must:
(a) Submit to the Board an application on a form prescribed by the Board;
(b) Submit to the Board a letter of recommendation written by the veterinarian in charge of the veterinary facility where the person is employed or will be employed;
(c) Be 18 years of age or older;
(d) Have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate;
(e) Be of good moral character;
(f) Be a citizen of the United States or lawfully entitled to remain and work in the United States;
(g) Be:
(1) A fourth-year student enrolled in a 4-year program, a second-year student enrolled in a 2-year program or a student enrolled in an accelerated program and the program of training must be accredited by the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities of the American Veterinary Medical Association or be approved by the Board;
(2) A person who has graduated from a program of training described in subparagraph (1) and is scheduled to take, or has taken but not yet received a score for, the Veterinary Technician National Examination; or
(3) A person who has received a bachelor of science degree and has:
(I) Completed at least 1,000 hours of work experience at one or more veterinary facilities; and
(II) Satisfied the requirements of section 1;
(h) Participate in training while on the job and acquire experience that is commensurate with the duties of his or her employment, which must be documented in writing, on a form provided by the Board, by each supervising veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician who supervises the person while he or she is participating in such training and acquiring such experience; and
(i) Pay to the Board the fee required pursuant to NAC 638.035.
3. After confirming that an applicant complies with all the requirements of subsection 2, the Executive Director of the Board shall, unless he or she has good cause to deny the registration, issue a letter of registration for a veterinary technician in training to the veterinarian in charge of the veterinary facility where the trainee is employed or will be employed.
4. A registration issued pursuant to this section between:
(a) January 1 and August 31 of any year expires on September 1 of the next subsequent year; and
(b) September 1 and December 31 of any year expires on September 1 of the year immediately following the next subsequent year, unless the Board grants an extension of the period of registration.


Nev. Admin. Code § 638.0525
Added to NAC by Bd. of Veterinary Med. Exam'rs by R057-00, eff. 6-20-2000; A by R069-01, 10-12-2001; R009-04, 4-26-2004; R074-06, 6-28-2006; R075-06, 11-13-2006; R072-09, 4-20-2010; A by R083-22A, eff. 12/16/2022

NRS 638.070 and 638.124

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