433.Sec. 5-1 - NEW

433.Sec. 5-1. NEW

1. Before an employee of a provider may serve on a vehicle that transports patients or provide direct supportive services to patients, the employee must receive at least:

(a) Four hours of evidence-based training concerning de-escalation of conflicts and obtain biennial recertification in de-escalation of conflicts.

(b) Eight hours of evidence-based training concerning behavioral health which includes, without limitation, training concerning:

(1) Suicide prevention and intervention;

(2) The manner in which to respond when a person has overdosed on opioids; and

(3) Awareness of issues relating to mental health and substance use.

2. In addition to the training required by subsection 1, each such employee must be currently certified in the techniques of administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Added to NAC by Div. of Men. Health & Dev. Services by R013-20A, eff. 8-26-2020

NRS 433.324, 433.3317, 439.200

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