459.194 - Types of licenses

459.194. Types of licenses

Licenses for radioactive materials are of two types:

1. General licenses which grant authority to persons for certain activities involving radioactive materials and are effective without the filing of applications with the Division or the issuance of licensing documents to the particular persons, although the filing of a certificate with the Division may be required by the particular general license. Except as otherwise provided in the specific provisions of a general license, including, without limitation, a provision concerning NAC 459.357, a general license is subject to all other applicable portions of these regulations and any limitations of the general license.

2. Specific licenses which are issued by the Division to a named person who files an application for a license pursuant to the provisions of NAC 459.180 to 459.313, inclusive. A specific license is subject to all applicable portions of these regulations as well as any limitations specified in the licensing document.

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NRS 459.201

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