459.286 - Information required for manufacture and distribution of devices

459.286. Information required for manufacture and distribution of devices

If the applicant desires that the general licensee under NAC 459.216 or under equivalent regulations of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or an agreement state be authorized to install the device, collect the sample to be analyzed by a specific licensee for leakage or radioactive material, perform service upon the device, test the on-and-off mechanism and indicator or remove the device from installation, the applicant shall include in his or her application written instructions to be followed by the general licensee, estimated calendar quarter doses associated with such activity or activities and bases for such estimates. The submitted information must demonstrate that performance of the activity by a person untrained in radiological protection, in addition to other handling, storage and use of devices under the general licensee, is unlikely to cause that person to receive in 1 year a dose in excess of 10 percent of the limits specified in NAC 459.325.

Bd. of Health, Radiation Control Reg. ยง, eff. 2-28-80-NAC A 1-18-94

NRS 459.201

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