665.020 - List of business records to be retained

665.020. List of business records to be retained

Every state bank shall retain its business records for the periods prescribed in the following schedule:

Type of Record Period of Retention
   Months Years Permanent
Articles of incorporation       P
Charter       P
FDIC certificate       P
Bylaws and amendments       P
Bank examination report       P
Charge-off asset record    7   
1. Expired casualty and liability policies    2   
2. Record of policies in force    3   
3. Banker blanket bond    6   
Minutes of meeting         
(Stockholders, directors, committees)       P
Accounting and auditing:         
Abandoned property records         
Accounts       P
Official checks       P
List of contents of forced safe deposit boxes       P
Accrual and amortization record    2   
Audit report    2   
Call report    3   
Daily branch statement    2   
Consolidated financial statement       P
Daily reserve computation    3   
FDIC assessment computation    5   
Income and dividend report    5   
Report to directors    6   
Report to executive committee    6   
Tax records    7   
Bills, statements, invoices    3   
Capital stock certificates, record of or stubs of       P
Capital stock ledger       P
Capital stock transfer register       P
Shareholders' ballots and proxies       P
Receipts for stock certificates       P
Collection receipt    6   
Collection register    6   
Coupon cash letter (outgoing or incoming) 6      
Correspondence    2   
Protest or notice of protest    6   
Installment collection instruction and receipt    6   
Installment collection ledger    6   
Advice of payment    6   
Commercial loans:         
Collateral receipt    7   
Credit file (closed)    6   
Debit and credit tickets    2   
Liability ledger    5   
Loan application    5   
Minutes of loan committee meeting    10   
Resolution    6   
Statement of borrower under federal regulation (U, W)    6   
Consumer credit:         
Application for credit    25   
Credit file    25   
Loan payment coupon    1   
Loan ledger card    6   
Loans made journal    6   
Resolution    6   
Credit cards:         
Application    3   
Statement    6   
Closed account    2   
Demand deposits:         
Microphotographic reproduction of front and back of paid check    6   
Deposit ticket    6   
Resolution    6   
Power of attorney    6   
Signature card    6   
Stop payment order    1   
Undelivered statements and canceled checks    6   
Returned items register    1   
Statement or ledger    6   
Due from banks:         
Advice from correspondent 6      
Statement    2   
Reconcilement    1   
Due to banks:         
Reconcilement    1   
Resolution    6   
Signature card    6   
Application for traveler's checks    2   
Attachment or garnishment    2   
Court case record    2   
General correspondence    3   
Night depository agreement    6   
Night depository receipt    1   
Securities buy and sell order    6   
Telegram, cable or radiogram    3   
Report of treasury tax and loan payment received    8   
Wire transfer, debit and credit entry    2   
General ledger:         
Daily statement of condition    5   
Journal    2   
General ledger sheet       P
General ledger ticket (debit or credit)    5   
Cable copy    6   
Cable requisition    6   
Foreign collection register    6   
Foreign draft carbon    6   
Foreign exchange remittance sheet    6   
Foreign mail transfer application    6   
Foreign mail transfer carbon    6   
Letter of credit application    6   
Letter of credit ledger    6   
Bond ledger       P
Broker's confirmation    2   
Broker's invoice    2   
Broker's statement    3   
Official checks and drafts:         
Cashier's check    6   
Cashier's check register    6   
Dividend check    6   
Dividend check register    6   
Christmas club check    2   
Christmas club check register    2   
Domestic draft    6   
Domestic draft register    6   
Escrow check    6   
Escrow check register    6   
Expense check    6   
Expense check register    6   
Money order    6   
Money order register    6   
Trust check    6   
Affidavit and indemnity agreement-lost instrument    6   
Attendance record    5   
Records of employee (after termination)    6   
Application of person not employed    3   
Salary ledger    5   
Salary receipt    5   
Proof, clearings and transit:         
Deposit proof sheet or tapes    2   
In-clearings envelope, proof sheet or tape    2   
Microphotographic reproduction of checks    6   
Real estate loans:         
Application    3   
Journal    2   
Ledger    6   
Credit file    6   
Payment ticket    2   
Registered mail:         
Registered mail record    3   
Return receipt card    3   
Safe deposit:         
Signature card    6   
Copy of rent receipt    2   
Court order    6   
Contract card    6   
Record of forced entry       P
Order to forward contents       P
List of contents forced box       P
Entry ticket    6   
Box history card       P
Savings and time deposits:         
Affidavit of lost passbook    6   
Certificate of deposit    6   
Christmas club coupon    2   
Deposit ticket    6   
Ledger    6   
Resolution    6   
Trial balance    6   
Statement    6   
Withdrawal    6   
Power of attorney    6   
Trust department:         
Buy and sell orders    1   
Corporation trust ledger       P
1. Corporate trust (bond issue)    3   
2. Dividend    3   
3. General    3   
4. Irregular transfer    3   
Cost card, securities    6   
Coupon collection record    2   
Daily statement of trust department    3   
Dividend record card (closed)    8   
Dividend and interest disbursement check    6   
Journal sheet, accounting division and stock transfer    5   
Ledger record, asset ledger, cash ledger, investment ledger, stock transfer ledger and mutual income foundation ledger    6   
Listing for Form 1099    1   
Minutes, trust committee and trust investment committee       P
Original trust entry (daily debit and credit)    5   
Paid invoices to tradesmen or professional persons (excluding attorneys)    3   
Rent collection, mortgage and land    6   
Contract collection (file accountant's copy)    6   
Stock transfer receipt    6   
Supporting papers for transfer    10   
Surety bond    10   
Tax return    6   
Estate tax return    15   
Intangible tax return    2   
Social security return    5   
Transfer instructions    5   
Transfer journal tape    2   
Voucher, probate trust    3   
Canceled bond or coupon:         
1. Receipt from issuing corporation       P
2. Certificate of cremation       P
United States savings bonds:         
Transmittal letter for bonds redeemed, sold or spoiled    4   
Stub, Series E bond    4   
Application, Series E bond    4   

Banking Div., Retention of Records Reg., eff. 12-14-78

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