703.435 - Applications

703.435. Applications

An application for an order of the Commission authorizing the issuance of a security or the assumption of an obligation pursuant to the provisions of NRS 704.322 to 704.328, inclusive, must contain the following data in the body of the application or as exhibits attached to it:

1. The amount and kind of stock or other security which the applicant desires to issue, the amount of bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness which the applicant desires to issue, with terms, rate of interest and whether and how to be secured, and the amount and description of the indebtedness which the applicant desires to assume. If the applicant wishes to issue preferred stock, the nature and extent of the preference must be indicated.

2. If the purpose for which the securities are to be issued is for:

(a) The acquisition of property, a detailed description of the property, the consideration to be paid for the property and the method utilized in arriving at the amount.

(b) The construction, completion, extension or improvement of facilities, a description of the proposal in reasonable detail, the cost or estimated cost of it and the reason or necessity for the expenditures.

(c) The improvement of service, a statement of the character of the improvements proposed.

(d) The maintenance of service, a statement of the reasons why service should be maintained from capital.

(e) The discharge or refund of obligations, a full description of the obligations to be discharged or refunded, including the character, date of incurrence, date of maturity, rate of interest, other material facts concerning the obligations, a statement showing the purpose for which those obligations have been incurred or the proceeds expended and the Commission's decisions, if any, authorizing the incurrence of those obligations.

(f) The reorganization or readjustment of indebtedness of capitalization or retirement or exchange of securities, a full description of the indebtedness or capitalization to be readjusted or exchanged, the complete terms and conditions of the merger, consolidation, exchange or other reorganization, a pro forma balance sheet, if possible, or exchange, and a statement of the reason or necessity for the transaction.

(g) The reimbursement of money actually expended from income or from any other money in the treasury, a general description of the expenditures for which reimbursement is sought, the source of the expenditures, the periods during which the expenditures were made and the reason or necessity for that reimbursement.

3. A complete description of the obligation or liability to be assumed by the applicant as guarantor, endorser, surety or otherwise, the consideration to be received by the applicant and the reasons for the action.

4. If an applicant's capital stock or parent company's capital stock is listed on a national securities exchange as defined in the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, 15 U.S.C. § 78 c, a copy of the latest proxy statement sent to stockholders, if not previously filed with the Commission. An applicant whose capital stock is registered pursuant to 15 U.S.C. § 781 must include in the application a copy of the latest proxy statement sent to stockholders containing the information required by the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission, unless that proxy statement has previously been furnished to the Commission.

5. Any other information that may be requested by the Commission.

Pub. Service Comm'n, Gen. Order 3 § 26.020, eff. 1-1-79

NRS 703.025, 704.210, 704.324

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