1. 450B.505 - Permit required; appointment, powers and duties of medical director
  2. 450B.510 - Permits: Application; renewal
  3. 450B.515 - Ambulance permits: Fee
  4. 450B.520 - Permits: Denial of application
  5. 450B.523 - Endorsement for operation at intermediate or advanced level (Repealed)
  6. 450B.526 - Application for permit
  7. 450B.529 - Permit: Investigation of applicant; issuance or rejection
  8. 450B.532 - Renewal of endorsement
  9. 450B.535 - Endorsement to operate service or fire-fighting agency at specified levels of emergency care (Repealed)
  10. 450B.540 - Display, alteration and transferability of permit
  11. 450B.550 - Ambulance: Design and equipment
  12. 450B.560 - Ambulance or agency's vehicle: Equipment and supplies
  13. 450B.562 - Air ambulance: Compliance with certain Federal Aviation Rules; required certification of aircraft
  14. 450B.564 - Air ambulance: Surveillance review for safety and compliance
  15. 450B.566 - Air ambulance: Landing site for helicopters
  16. 450B.568 - Air ambulance: Restriction on transfer of patients from one hospital to another
  17. 450B.570 - Air ambulance: Design, medical equipment and medical supplies
  18. 450B.574 - Unit used to provide emergency care at scene of emergency without transporting patients: Required personnel
  19. 450B.575 - Ambulance, air ambulance or any other unit used to transport patients and provide any level of emergency care: Required equipment and personnel
  20. 450B.576 - Driver-only program: Restrictions; application; approval of drivers required; expiration of approval; annual report
  21. 450B.578 - Ambulance, air ambulance or agency's vehicle: Communication with and agreement by hospital
  22. 450B.580 - Ambulance, air ambulance or agency's vehicle: Standards and procedures for operation
  23. 450B.590 - Operation of ambulance by unlicensed person (Repealed)
  24. 450B.600 - Air ambulance: Equipment and operation of aircraft; staff
  25. 450B.611 - Base stations, protocols and procedures
  26. 450B.620 - Reports required
  27. 450B.630 - Records concerning transportation and transfer of patients
  28. 450B.640 - Inspections
  29. 450B.645 - Reports of emergency care

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