Requirements Concerning Operation of Medical Marijuana Establishments

  1. § 453A.400 - Posting of registration certificate and other authorization to conduct business
  2. § 453A.402 - Approval required before use of name, logo, sign and advertisement
  3. § 453A.404 - Quality assurance testing required before sale of usable marijuana and related products
  4. § 453A.406 - Persons authorized to be on premises of establishment; visitor identification badge required for other persons; maintenance of visitor log; regular, seasonal or temporary employees and volunteers
  5. § 453A.408 - Policies and procedures
  6. § 453A.410 - Duties of establishment relating to employees and volunteers; certain notice required
  7. § 453A.412 - Duties of establishment agent before dispensing medical marijuana
  8. § 453A.414 - Inventory control system; where establishment may acquire marijuana and related products; perpetual inventory system of manufacturing process; duties of establishment if loss is incurred
  9. § 453A.415 - Seed-to-Sale Inventory Program
  10. § 453A.416 - Requirements for transportation of marijuana, paraphernalia and related products
  11. § 453A.418 - Reporting of loss or theft of medical marijuana; maintenance of documentation
  12. § 453A.420 - Security
  13. § 453A.422 - Hygiene requirements for agents; prohibition on direct contact with marijuana, equipment or materials for agents with certain health conditions
  14. § 453A.424 - Building requirements; commercial weighing and measuring equipment
  15. § 453A.426 - Requirements for establishments that prepare, sell or dispense edible marijuana products
  16. § 453A.428 - Establishment responsible for costs incurred in cleaning up, mitigating or remedying environmental damage
  17. § 453A.430 - Prohibition on use of chemicals or other compounds to alter color, appearance, weight or smell of usable marijuana

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