1. § 467.012 - General licensing requirements: Application; conditions and agreements; false statements; proof of identity; appearance before Commission; fee for issuance or renewal; period of validity
  2. § 467.014 - Application for license: Request for withdrawal
  3. § 467.017 - Effect of age, experience and physical condition on issuance or renewal of license to engage in unarmed combat
  4. § 467.022 - Determination of ability to compete in unarmed combat; hearing
  5. § 467.027 - Determination of physical and mental fitness to engage in unarmed combat; examination and testing; results of medical tests required
  6. § 467.045 - Application by amateur for license as professional unarmed combatant: Requirements; examinations and testing; proof of ability to compete
  7. § 467.052 - Application for license as promoter: Requirements; investigation; payment of costs; fees
  8. § 467.057 - Manager may act as second without second's license
  9. § 467.062 - Referees, judges and timekeepers: Licensing requirements; expiration and renewal of license; membership in sanctioning organization; licensing fees
  10. § 467.071 - Ringside physicians: Licensing requirements and fees; certification in life-saving procedures; treatment or examination of unarmed combatant
  11. § 467.073 - Registration of sanctioning organizations: Requirement; application; fees; revocation, suspension or conditioning
  12. § 467.077 - Applicants, licensees and officials must submit material to Commission as directed
  13. § 467.0775 - Notice to Commission of citation, arrest or conviction for domestic violence of certain applicants or licensees; consequences for failure to comply
  14. § 467.078 - Notice to Commission of change of address of licensee; disciplinary action for failure to comply
  15. § 467.079 - Notice to Commission of proposed change in ownership of promoter or change in officers, managers or directors of promoter; approval or disapproval by Commission
  16. § 467.082 - Grounds for denial of application for license
  17. § 467.087 - Application for new license or petition for reinstatement of license after denial, revocation or suspension
  18. § 467.089 - Effect of expiration of license on jurisdiction of Commission

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