1. 616B.510 - Definitions
  2. 616B.513 - "Annual claims expenditures" defined
  3. 616B.516 - "Association" defined
  4. 616B.519 - "Division of Insurance" defined
  5. 616B.522 - "Expected annual incurred cost of claims" defined
  6. 616B.525 - Application for certification
  7. 616B.528 - Underwriting plan and related policies and guidelines: Submission required with application for certification; submission of proposed changes
  8. 616B.531 - Remission of assessment for Account for Insolvent Associations of Self-Insured Employers
  9. 616B.534 - Maintenance and administration of policy of excess insurance
  10. 616B.537 - Required security deposit: Determination of amount; adjustment by Commissioner
  11. 616B.540 - Required security deposit: Form; priority of payment in case of loss
  12. 616B.543 - Required security deposit: Requirements for letter of credit
  13. 616B.546 - Required security deposit: Records; maintenance and review of lists of claims; costs of administration
  14. 616B.549 - Deposit of bond by third-party administrator of association; maximum amount of bond; filing of statement regarding association's money
  15. 616B.552 - Deposit of bond by association's administrator; minimum and maximum amount of bond; filing of statement regarding association's money
  16. 616B.555 - Financial statement by each member: Submission; inspection; exception
  17. 616B.558 - Administration of program of self-insurance by association
  18. 616B.564 - Annual report: Filing; signature; failure to file
  19. 616B.567 - Report and evaluation of estimated expenditures for claims in annual report; calculation of reserve for reopened claims
  20. 616B.570 - Submission of reports regarding certain injuries and diseases, fatalities and hospitalization (Repealed)
  21. 616B.572 - Purchase of annuity for payment of claim
  22. 616B.573 - Payment of claim with immediately negotiable instrument
  23. 616B.575 - Withdrawal of certificate: Continuing jurisdiction; reports; audits
  24. 616B.576 - Account for Insolvent Associations: Annual assessment; notification by mail; exceptions
  25. 616B.579 - Account for Insolvent Associations: Additional assessment; notification by mail; failure to pay; exception
  26. 616B.582 - Account for Insolvent Associations: Use; reimbursement by association
  27. 616B.588 - Submission of reports and financial statements
  28. 616B.591 - Examinations and audits
  29. 616B.594 - Calculation of annual assessment paid by each member of association
  30. 616B.597 - Responsibilities of board of trustees; financial condition of association; financial condition of member
  31. 616B.598 - Requests for approval of declaration of dividend and for approval of distribution of dividend
  32. 616B.600 - Insolvency of association
  33. 616B.603 - Determination and consideration of loss ratio
  34. 616B.606 - Adoption of certain publications by reference (Repealed)
  35. 616B.609 - Audited statement of financial condition of association; exhibits and schedules
  36. 616B.610 - Determination of combined net cash flows of all members
  37. 616B.612 - Contents of bylaws of association

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