1. 616C.550 - Definitions
  2. 616C.553 - Notice of opinion that injured employee is not eligible for services
  3. 616C.555 - Vocational rehabilitation counselor: Compliance with certain provisions
  4. 616C.556 - Vocational rehabilitation counselor: Notification of assignment of case; written assessment
  5. 616C.558 - Plan for program of vocational rehabilitation
  6. 616C.559 - Development and extension of program of vocational rehabilitation
  7. 616C.562 - Use of surveys of labor market
  8. 616C.565 - Inclusion of period for job search in program
  9. 616C.568 - Relocation: Expenses; notice of decision; limitations
  10. 616C.571 - Reimbursement for costs of transportation
  11. 616C.574 - Commencement of limits on length of program
  12. 616C.577 - Vocational rehabilitation maintenance: Rate; commencement; timing of payments; termination; payment during development of program
  13. 616C.580 - Consultation concerning proposed program of vocational rehabilitation; general requirements for offers of employment
  14. 616C.583 - Offer of employment: Light duty
  15. 616C.586 - Offer of employment: Termination of vocational rehabilitation services; limitations; light duty
  16. 616C.589 - Offer of employment: Compensation
  17. 616C.592 - Self-employment
  18. 616C.595 - Return of employee to employment; reinstatement of vocational rehabilitation benefits
  19. 616C.598 - Compensation for temporary partial disability
  20. 616C.601 - Suspension or termination of vocational rehabilitation benefits: Grounds; report by private carrier; notice; appeal
  21. 616C.604 - Claimants outside of State
  22. 616C.607 - Effect of injury received during program of vocational rehabilitation
  23. 616C.610 - Right to appeal
  24. 616C.613 - Reports of employee exposure and claims

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