Administration of Program - (701B.660 to 701B.720)

  1. 701B.660 - Annual plan of utility: Filing and contents
  2. 701B.665 - Annual plan of utility: Approval by Commission
  3. 701B.670 - Accounting for costs and revenues of utility; recovery of utility's labor costs and overhead costs
  4. 701B.675 - Filing, calculation and adjustment of Waterpower Demonstration Program rate; recovery of Program costs
  5. 701B.680 - Receipt of incentives established when application approved
  6. 701B.685 - Application for incentives; categories of host customers; establishment by Commission of rate of incentive payment; payment of incentives; proposal of incentive levels; assignment of portfolio energy credits
  7. 701B.687 - Provision of application to Commission
  8. 701B.690 - Participation in Program: Application for reservation of incentive; cancellation and resubmission of application; duties of utility and applicant; claim for incentive
  9. 701B.693 - Docket to include applications in public records of Commission
  10. 701B.695 - Prerequisites to payment of incentive; action on claim; rejection of project; reapplication for reservation of incentive
  11. 701B.700 - Withdrawal of host customer or system owner; preservation of reservation after withdrawal; application for new reservation
  12. 701B.705 - Eligibility of participant who withdraws or does not complete installation of waterpower energy system
  13. 701B.710 - Rights of host customer; required party to agreement or contract with utility
  14. 701B.715 - Location of waterpower energy system
  15. 701B.720 - Verification of licensing of contractors involved in installation of waterpower energy system; suspension of contractor's license during application process

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