1. § 706B.360 - Commencement of operations
  2. § 706B.365 - Notice to Authority confirming vehicle meets certain requirements; issuance of decal
  3. § 706B.370 - Required compliance and instruction
  4. § 706B.375 - Adoption by reference of federal regulations; availability
  5. § 706B.380 - Use of trade or fictitious name
  6. § 706B.385 - Designation of employees as points of contact for company
  7. § 706B.390 - Notification to Authority of current registered agent
  8. § 706B.395 - Prohibition on solicitation of passengers; vehicle required to be separated by certain distance from designated taxicab stand; exception
  9. § 706B.400 - Restrictions on staging or standing in passenger curb loading zone
  10. § 706B.405 - Display of placard inside vehicle; exception if information included on bill or receipt
  11. § 706B.410 - Limitations on interruption of service
  12. § 706B.415 - Use of vehicles beyond scope of authority prohibited
  13. § 706B.420 - Inspections; records of inspections, maintenance and repairs
  14. § 706B.425 - Interference with inspections, investigations or examinations
  15. § 706B.430 - Maintenance of records; availability for inspection or audit
  16. § 706B.435 - Notification of base rates; prohibition on excessive rates during emergency
  17. § 706B.440 - Annual submission to Authority of statement of gross operating revenue; issuance by Authority of annual regulatory assessment; calculation of annual gross operating revenue; annual reevaluation; payment of regulatory assessment
  18. § 706B.445 - Submission and confidentiality of annual report

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