N.H. Code Admin. R. Bar 301.02 - Procedure for Approving and Denying an Application for Apprentices

(a) Upon the board's receipt of an application, the board shall approve or deny the application within 30 days of receipt.
(b) If the applicant answered in the negative to all the statements in Bar 301.01(b) (5), the applicant shall be deemed by the board to be of good professional character.
(c) If the applicant answered in the affirmative, the board shall determine if this person is of good professional character after reviewing factors surrounding the affirmative answer.
(d) Factors the board shall take into consideration shall be as follows:
(1) Whether the person has been found guilty of abuse, neglect, exploitation of any person or has been convicted of child endangerment, fraud or a felony against a person in this or any other state by a court of law;
(2) Whether the person has a current mental condition affecting the ability to practice the profession;
(3) The length of time that has passed since the crime or disciplinary action;
(4) Information showing the positive answer is not indicative of the persons current character; and
(5) Any relevant circumstances surrounding the affirmative answer.
(e) The board shall approve an application and issue an apprentice registration with the shop instructor's name, when applicable, if:
(1) Application for registration as an apprentice is completed in accordance with RSA 313-A:24 and Bar 301.01;
(2) The shop instructor meets the requirements of Bar 301.01(e); and
(3) The applicant is deemed to be of good professional character.
(f) The board shall deny an application if:
(1) The application is not completed in accordance with RSA 313-A:24 and Bar 301.01;
(2) The shop instructor applicant does not meet the requirements of Bar 301.01(f); or
(3) The applicant is not deemed to be of good professional character.
(g) If the board denies an applicant pursuant to (f), above, the board shall return the application to the applicant with all attachments and a letter as follows:
(1) Referencing the statute or rule the applicant has not complied with;
(2) Explaining what the applicant shall do in order to become registered or licensed; and
(3) Providing the secretary's name and telephone number for further assistance.
(h) The board shall send a copy of the letter described in Bar 301.02(g), to the school or the proposed shop instructor.


N.H. Code Admin. R. Bar 301.02

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