N.H. Code Admin. R. Bar 302.01 - School Equipment

(a) The school shall make available to students textbooks, supplementary instructional materials, and equipment needed to fulfill course requirements.
(b) The school shall provide students and teachers with access to current reference materials that may include, but are not limited to, such formats as books, periodicals and other written matter, audio-visual equipment and materials, digital media, and online education platforms to support the educational program(s). Equipment for producing digital and paper copies of supplementary instructional materials shall be available.
(c) Classroom and demonstration areas shall be shielded from visual and auditory distractions allowing students to see and hear instruction clearly.
(d) Classrooms for theory instruction shall have sufficient tables or desks and chairs to serve all students assembled at one time.
(e) The school shall make available:
(1) Drinking water from sanitary fixtures;
(2) Lavatories with hot and cold running water maintained in sanitary condition;
(3) Fire extinguishers maintained in operable condition;
(4) First aid supplies;
(5) Emergency evacuation plans to staff and students; and
(6) Training to staff in emergency procedures.
(f) The school shall provide a clinic area used exclusively as a training facility.
(g) The clinic area shall contain the following:
(1) Sufficient stations and resources to meet the training needs of all students scheduled for clinic work at the same time;
(2) One sink with hot and cold running water for hand washing; and
(3) A sign clearly indicating that all work is performed by supervised students posted in a place easily seen by clinic patrons.
(h) Products and supplies needed for laboratory work shall be provided by the school.
(i) All advertising for clinic services shall state clearly that the work is performed by supervised students.
(j) When a school and a shop are under the same ownership or otherwise are associated, separate operation of the shop and school shall be maintained as follows:
(1) If the school and shop are located in the same building, separate entrances and visitor reception areas shall be maintained; and
(2) The school and shop shall have separate public information releases, advertisements, names, and advertising signs.


N.H. Code Admin. R. Bar 302.01

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Amended by Volume XXXVI Number 14, Filed April 7, 2016, Proposed by #11055, Effective 3/18/2016, Expires 3/18/2026.
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