N.H. Code Admin. R. Bar 302.06 - School Operational Requirements

(a) Each school shall employ at least one instructor for every 20 apprentices.
(b) Each school shall provide or make accessible to each student text books and tools to meet the needs of the curriculum.
(c) A school shall ensure that each apprentice wears a lab coat or uniform.
(d) A school shall keep a record of each student apprentice's attendance which includes:
(1) The name of the apprentice;
(2) The name and address of the school;
(3) The total number of hours completed during the apprenticeship;
(4) The signature of the designated time keeper; and
(5) The signature of the student apprentice.
(e) The school shall forward the record of attendance to the board within 10 business days of a graduation or termination if all the student apprentice academic and financial obligations to the school have been satisfied.
(f) Each school offering student instructor training shall send a letter to the board which includes the:
(1) Name and address of the school;
(2) Curriculum being used; and
(3) Student instructor's name, address, and current license number.
(g) The school shall enroll only New Hampshire barber, cosmetology, esthetician, manicuring or master barber licensees into the student instructor program.
(h) Each school shall require that a student instructor take courses in at least the following:
(1) Observation theory;
(2) Teaching techniques;
(3) Motivation;
(4) Business management;
(5) Student relations;
(6) Testing and lesson planning;
(7) Student teaching-theory;
(8) Student teaching-practical; and
(9) Shop internship.
(i) Schools offering a student instructor course shall have books covering subjects listed in Bar 302.06(h).
(j) A student instructor shall be under the direct supervision of a licensed instructor at all times.
(k) Each school offering a student instructor course shall issue a certificate to the student instructor at the completion of the hours required by Bar 301.08(a) (2) a. or b. which includes the:
(1) Name of the school;
(2) Licensee names;
(3) Number of hours completed; and
(4) Signature of the owner of the school and current date.
(l) Each school shall inform the student instructor that an application for licensure in accordance with Bar 301.08, shall be completed and filed upon completion of the student instructor training program.
(m) A school instructor shall be readily accessible, in the school, to the student instructor apprentices at all times during classroom or professional service on a client. During classroom or clinic hours school instructors shall devote their time to instructing student apprentices and shall not perform any service on a paying client except during the performance of their duties as an instructor.
(n) Schools shall give a copy of their rules to each student apprentice.
(o) Every school shall have a dispensary, clinic area, classroom, and office.
(p) Each school shall display at least one permanent sign indicating the type of school such as, barber, cosmetology, esthetics, or manicuring. The sign shall clearly identify the school as an education institution.
(q) The school shall have a published mission statement including a statement that students will be prepared for a career in barbering, cosmetology, esthetics, or manicuring.
(r) The mission statement required by (q), above, shall be published in the school's catalog.
(s) The school shall assess the achievements of its programs and students on the basis of:
(1) The pass rate on examination for schools offering full programs for licensure to practice;
(2) The rates of employment in job related industry and placement in postsecondary schools;
(3) The individual school's program completion rates; and
(4) The comments and suggestions regularly solicited from students, graduates and employers of graduates.
(t) The school shall meet or exceed the following outcomes:
(1) A program completion rate of at least 50%;
(2) A pass rate on state licensing examination of at least 70% for schools offering full program(s); and
(3) A placement rate of eligible students in postsecondary school or industry related employment of at least 60%.
(u) The institution shall use its assessments and other appropriate information in formulating plans to maintain and improve its educational and student support services, and to modify its objectives to meet new circumstances and needs.
(v) The school shall have N. H. licensed substitute instructors who are familiar with the school's curriculum, policies and procedures available for instruction when needed.
(w) The school shall allow the instructors to have the opportunity to prepare for class, evaluate students' progress in the course, counsel students individually, and participate in activities of continuing education.
(x) School attendance policies shall:
(1) Give appropriate attendance credit for all hours attended;
(2) Not add or deduct attendance hours as a reward or penalty;
(3) Round actual attendance hours to no more than the nearest quarter hour; and
(4) Give hour credit only for hours obtained within the school curriculum or under the direct supervision of a school instructor.
(y) The school shall provide each student before enrollment with written information accurately describing:
(1) Placement rates of the school's graduates;
(2) Compensation a successful graduate can reasonably expect;
(3) The physical demands of practicing the profession;
(4) Licensing requirements for the jurisdiction in which the school is located, or for which it is preparing graduates;
(5) Completion rates for students in the school; and
(6) Pass/fail rates of school graduates on licensing examinations.
(z) The school shall provide a copy of the enrollment agreement to the student or legal guardian if the student is a dependent minor. The agreement shall give complete information on the total cost of the program.


N.H. Code Admin. R. Bar 302.06

#6577, eff 9-13-97 (from Bar 304.02 ); amd by #7324, eff 7-26-00; ss by #7555, eff 9-12-01; ss by #8097, eff 6-11-04; ss by #8655, eff 6-9-06; amd by #9047, eff 12-12-07; amd by #9536, eff 9-2-09

Amended by Volume XXXVII Number 6, Filed February 9, 2017, Proposed by #12085, Effective 1/14/2017, Expires 7/13/2017. Amended by Volume XXXVII Number 45, Filed November 9, 2017, Proposed by #12413, Effective 11/1/2017, Expires 11/1/2027.

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