N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 2508.02 - Renewable Energy Initiatives

(a) The commission shall periodically issue a request for proposals for initiatives to be supported by the renewable energy fund. All such initiatives shall be located in New Hampshire.
(b) In determining whether and to what extent it will dedicate money from the renewable energy fund to proposals submitted pursuant to (a) above, the commission shall consider the extent to which:
(1) The initiative expands the supply of renewable energy certificates for use to comply with the portfolio;
(2) The initiative is likely to be cost-effective;
(3) The initiative promotes market transformation, innovation, and energy cost savings;
(4) The initiative will reduce New Hampshire's electrical peak load, or fossil fuel consumption as well as defer or eliminate local utility distribution plant expenditures;
(5) The initiative is likely to result in economic development and environmental benefits for New Hampshire;
(6) The initiative increases fuel diversity in the production of electricity or useful thermal energy for consumption in New Hampshire; and
(7) The applicant has the capacity to successfully complete the initiative.
(c) The commission on its own motion shall dedicate funds for those initiatives that it finds are:
(1) Substantially consistent with the factors set forth in (b) above;
(2) Realistically proposed and achievable by the applicant; and
(3) Most likely, on balance, to advance the purposes of RSA 362-F, within the constraint of available funds.
(d) The commission shall allocate Class II alternative compliance payments into the renewable energy fund, on an annual basis, primarily to projects and initiatives that support eligible solar technologies.
(e) The commission shall allocate not less than 20 percent of Class I, II, III and IV alternative compliance payments received on an annual basis to customer-sited renewable energy projects or sources producing thermal energy of up to and including one megawatt in gross nameplate capacity, system design capacity, or the equivalent thermal output provided that such projects meet the requirements of Puc 2508.03.
(f) Pursuant to RSA 362-F:10, VIII, the commission on its own motion and after notice and hearing shall establish rebate programs for renewable energy projects of up to and including one megawatt in gross nameplate capacity, system design capacity, or equivalent thermal output, to be supported by the fund allocated pursuant to (e) above.


N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 2508.02
Derived from Volume XXXV Number 01, Filed January 8, 2015, Proposed by #10741, Effective 12/5/2014. Amended by Volume XXXVIII Number 06, Filed February 8, 2018, Proposed by #12473, Effective 2/1/2018, Expires 2/1/2028.

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