N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 903.01 - General Rules, Rights, and Obligations

(a) Any distribution utility and any electricity supplier operating within the state of New Hampshire shall, upon request, provide net energy metering to customer-generators pursuant to Puc 900 and RSA 362-A:9.
(b) A distribution utility shall comply with Puc 900 in a non-discriminatory manner and shall not unreasonably withhold its permission to interconnect a customer-generator's facility.
(c) Any electricity supplier operating within New Hampshire that is not the default service provider shall offer net metering pursuant to Puc 900, but may provide for rates and terms as provided in RSA 362-A:9, II and Puc 903.02(g).
(d) Any customer-generator who engages in net energy metering in New Hampshire shall comply with Puc 900.
(e) A customer-generator shall comply with:
(1) Applicable commission-approved rules, tariffs, and terms and conditions of the distribution utility not in conflict with Puc 900;
(2) Any local, state, or federal law, statute, rule, or regulation which applies to the design, siting, construction, installation, operation, or any other aspect of the customer-generator's facility and associated interconnection; and
(3) Interconnection requirements of the distribution utility as set forth in its tariff on file with the commission.
(f) Interconnection with the distribution utility under Puc 900 shall not authorize a customer-generator to utilize the distribution utility's electric distribution system for the transmission or distribution of electric power.
(g) The distribution utility shall have the right to review the design of a customer-generator's facility and associated interconnection and to inspect such facility and interconnection prior to the commencement of facility operations.
(h) The distribution utility shall require a customer-generator to make modifications to its facility as necessary to comply with the requirements of Puc 900.
(i) The distribution utility's review and authorization for operation shall not be construed as confirming or endorsing the customer-generator's design or as warranting the safety, durability, or reliability of the facility or associated interconnection.
(j) The distribution utility shall not, by reason of such review or lack of review, be responsible for the strength, adequacy, or capacity of the facility's equipment.
(k) A customer-generator's facility and associated interconnection shall be reasonably accessible to the distribution utility's personnel as necessary for the utility to perform its duties and exercise its rights under its tariffs and terms and conditions filed with and approved by the commission and under Puc 900.
(l) Any information pertaining to a facility and associated interconnection that is provided to a distribution utility by a customer-generator shall be treated by the utility in a confidential manner.
(m) A customer-generator shall operate and maintain its facility and associated interconnection in a manner that is safe and reliable.
(n) A customer-generator shall be responsible for all costs associated with interconnection of the customer-generator's facility to the distribution system, as provided under RSA 362-A:9II, XI.


N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 903.01

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Amended by Volume XL Number 33, Filed August 13, 2020, Proposed by #13080, Effective 9/14/2020, Expires 9/14/2030

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