N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 905.04 - Initial Testing

(a) After installation of the net-metered facility, and before final approval and interconnection to the electric distribution system, the customer-generator shall, in addition to the certification(s) required in connection with the interconnection application, conduct a load-break test on the facility, as described in (b) below, to confirm that the anti-islanding controls are functioning.
(b) When conducting a load-break test, the customer-generator shall demonstrate that, after the main disconnect switch or circuit breaker of the residence or building is opened, the net-metered facility shuts down within 2 seconds.
(c) If the generation unit fails to shut down within 2 seconds after conducting the test, as provided in (b) above, the customer-generator shall inform the distribution utility.
(d) The customer-generator shall provide an initial test on a non-inverter interfaced facility, by demonstrating that:
(1) The relays function as designed;
(2) The relays have been calibrated to settings as provided by the distribution utility pursuant to Puc 907.01(f);
(3) All key components of the facility function as designed; and
(4) The anti-islanding function of the facility works properly.
(e) The testing of the relays of a non-inverter interfaced facility shall be conducted by an individual who:
(1) Uses test equipment:
a. Necessary to adequately test the key components of the facility;
b. That is calibrated within tolerances sufficient to assure accurate testing; and
c. That is calibrated with a frequency consistent with industry standards;
(2) Has received the education and training necessary to conduct the sophisticated testing of relays and other components of a non-inverter based facility; and
(3) Maintains any professional accreditation or certification required to conduct such testing.
(f) The individual conducting the testing of a non-inverter-based facility required by this section shall, upon request, provide to the distribution utility information regarding his or her background and credentials, and equipment, maintenance, and calibration of the equipment sufficient to allow the utility to assess the individual's competence to undertake the required testing.
(g) Upon request, the customer-generator shall allow the distribution utility to have a representative present for the initial or periodic testing required by this part.


N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 905.04

#7424, eff 1-12-01; ss by, INTERIM, eff 1-12-09, EXPIRED: 7-11-09

New. #9515, eff 7-18-09; ss by #9998, eff 9-20-11

Amended by Volume XL Number 33, Filed August 13, 2020, Proposed by #13080, Effective 9/14/2020, Expires 9/14/2030

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