N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 907.01 - Interconnection Requirements

(a) Except as provided in (b) below, any net-metered facility that interfaces with the electric distribution system by means other than an inverter shall:
(1) Meet the following safety and service quality requirements:
a. The facility shall not compromise the safety of the distribution utility personnel, the customer-generator, or other customers on the electric distribution system;
b. The facility shall have:
1. Adequate non-islanding protection;
2. Utility-grade protective devices to separate the facility from the electric distribution system, including:
(i) Time over-frequency protection;
(ii) Time under-frequency protection;
(iii) Time over-voltage protection; and
(iv) Time under-voltage protection;
3. Protection devices at the primary voltage level for ground fault and ground current contribution;
4. Adequate short circuit interrupting devices; and
5. Reliable power sources for shunt-tripped short circuit interrupting devices;
c. The generation facility shall not reduce the quality of service on the electric distribution system, including voltage fluctuations, excessive voltage, and current harmonic content; and
d. Facilities greater than 35 kilowatts shall certify that they comply with the standard for harmonics set forth in "IEEE Standard 1547 (2018) for Interconnecting Distributed Power Resources with Electric Power Systems" issued by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc., 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, New Jersey, available as specified in Appendix B;
(2) Interface with the electric distribution system in compliance with the following requirements:
a. The system shall synchronize with the primary voltage level on the distribution system;
b. The transformer winding connection to be used at the primary voltage interconnecting point shall be adequate to coordinate with the distribution system;
c. The generation facility shall synchronize with the electric distribution system; and
d. The generation facility shall correct the power factor, if necessary;
(3) Not impair the quality of service standards maintained by the electric distribution system;
(4) Provide other protections and devices necessary, consistent with the requirements of this section, to assure safety, quality of service, reliability, and power quality of the electric distribution system; and
(5) Use utility grade relays as required.
(b) A non-inverter-based system shall be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code, 2017, issued by the National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, Massachusetts, available as specified in Appendix B.
(c) An applicant proposing to interconnect a net-metered facility to the electric distribution system shall provide to the distribution utility the following:
(1) The interconnection application form required by Puc 904.02;
(2) Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) elementary and schematic diagrams describing the planned protection package; and
(3) A one-line diagram of the net-metered facility showing how the system protection shall be wired.
(d) The customer-generator shall provide for testing of the relays of the net-metered facility once the settings have been applied to confirm that the settings perform the intended function.
(e) With respect to the testing of relays described in (d) above:
(1) The testing shall be conducted by an individual qualified to conduct testing as provided in Puc 905.04(e) and (f); and
(2) The customer-generator shall provide to the distribution utility the opportunity to:
a. Be present at and observe the testing; or
b. Conduct the testing of the relays by a qualified utility representative.
(f) If the customer-generator and the distribution utility cannot agree to the interconnection requirements, they shall file with the commission a detailed statement of their disagreement for review and determination by the commission.
(g) In determining interconnection requirements for a non-inverter-based facility, the commission shall consider safety, reliability, and power quality, in the context of the legislative intent of RSA 362-A:9.


N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 907.01

#7424, eff 1-12-01; ss by #9353, INTERIM, eff 1-12-09, EXPIRED: 7-11-09

New. #9515, eff 7-18-09; ss by #9998, eff 9-20-11

Amended by Volume XL Number 33, Filed August 13, 2020, Proposed by #13080, Effective 9/14/2020, Expires 9/14/2030

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