N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 909.12 - Group Net Metering with On-Bill Credits

(a) A customer-generator registering or re-registering a group with the commission on or after July 1, 2019 may elect in the application for registration or re-registration for the group host and all group members to receive on-bill credits.
(b) To elect on-bill monetary credits, a group shall meet all of the applicable requirements of this chapter and the host shall provide the additional information required under Puc 909.09(a)(16).
(c) The host of a group for which on-bill monetary credits have been elected shall specify the percentage of the net metering credit monetary amount otherwise payable to the host to be allocated to the host and to each group member on their respective distribution utility bills, which percentage shall apply to the sum of the base net metering credit and the additional credit amount described in Puc 909.13(b) for any group registered as a low-moderate income community solar project, pursuant to Puc 909.13(h).
(d) The percentage allocations required under (c) above shall be made initially in the registration or re-registration application submitted by the host, and thereafter any changes to such allocations shall be made in the group change notification required to be submitted pursuant to Puc 909.06(c).
(e) For all groups receiving on-bill monetary credits, the credit percentage allocations shall be subject to the following restrictions:
(1) The percentage allocations shall total 100 percent; and
(2) Each group member's total percentage allocation shall be greater than zero.
(f) Upon receipt of a host registration number for a group for which on-bill monetary credits have been elected under this section, the distribution utility shall thereafter allocate a monetary credit on the host's and each member's account as follows:
(1) A total monetary credit shall be calculated for the host's net excess electricity exported to the distribution system at the end of each billing cycle based on the applicable net metering tariff and host rate class;
(2) The total monetary credit calculated pursuant to (1) above shall be distributed to the host and the group members as monetary credits on their monthly utility bills in accordance with the percentage allocations specified in accordance with (c) through (e) above; and
(3) The monetary credit shall be separately itemized on a customer's bill and deducted from the balance due on the bill after all applicable charges and all other credits.


N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 909.12
Derived from Volume XL Number 33, Filed August 13, 2020, Proposed by #13080, Effective 9/14/2020, Expires 9/14/2030

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