N.H. Code Admin. R. Rea 501.01 - Agency Code of Ethics

(a) Pursuant to RSA 331-A:9, I, no commission member shall participate in any action related to the issuance of a license or disciplinary matter involving the member or a person with whom the member is personally or professionally associated, or in any such action in which the member has a direct financial interest;
(b) Pursuant to RSA 331-A:9, II, no commission member or commission employee shall, for compensation of any type, other than compensation that is normally authorized for commission related business, teach or participate in any preparatory or continuing education effort approved by the commission;
(c) Pursuant to RSA 331-A:9, III, no more than one commission member shall serve as an officer of a professional association which represents real estate brokers and salespeople;
(d) Commissioners shall uphold and apply the constitution of the State of New Hampshire and RSA 331-A and the administrative rules adopted thereunder, impartially and objectively;
(e) Commissioners shall administer RSA 331-A and the administrative rules adopted thereunder free of partiality or the appearance of partiality, and without discrimination against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or any other class protected under the constitution and statutes of New Hampshire;
(f) Commissioners and commission employees shall refuse gifts as defined by RSA 15-B:2, V from groups or persons whose interests have been, are, or are likely to be before the agency.
(g) Commission employees shall maintain the confidentiality of pending cases, but shall also provide access to public records or proceedings as required by law;
(h) Commissioners and commission employees shall immediately notify the New Hampshire commission investigator when information which would normally lead to an investigation is received from licensees or the public;
(i) Commissioners and commission employees shall always adhere to the provisions of due process during a hearing; and
(j) Commissioners shall contribute to the public interest by advising, suggesting, and supporting rules and legislation which will improve the real estate profession.


N.H. Code Admin. R. Rea 501.01

# 6680, eff 2-3-98; ss by #7266, eff 5-6-00; amd by #8834, eff 5-1-07; amd by #9202, INTERIM, eff 7-16-08; ss by #9301, eff 10-22-08; amd by #10149, eff 6-20-12

Amended by Volume XXXVII Number 28, Filed July 13, 2017, Proposed by #12213, Effective 6/18/2017, Expires 6/18/2027.

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