He-M 316.03 - Fees

He-M 316.03. Fees

(a) The fee for the review of each research submission shall be as follows:

(1) $2000 for full committee review; and

(2) $750 for expedited review.

(b) The fees in (a) above shall include the continuing review.

(c) The following shall be exempt from fees:

(1) Unfunded research studies;

(2) Studies that utilize department funds; and

(3) Request for review to determine exemption from CPHS oversight per 45 CFR 46.101(b).

(Amended by Volume XXXVII Number 45, Filed November 09, 2017, Proposed by #12408, Effective 10/24/2017, Expires 4/22/2018.)

#9588, eff 11-4-09

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