He-P 2102.07 - Analysis Results

He-P 2102.07. Analysis Results

(a) Sample analysis results shall be maintained at the plant for at least 2 years.

(b) The plant ownership shall make all analysis results available for review by the commissioner or an agent of the commissioner.

(c) Whenever any sampling result indicates that a water sample contains contaminants above the quality standards set forth in He-P 2102.02 or a bottler has reason to believe that a substance might be present in a water source or finished product that might cause a product to be a reportable food, as defined in 21 USC 350f.417(a)(2), the person responsible for the bottling plant shall:

(1) File an oral report with the department within 24 hours; and

(2) File a written report to the department within 3 days that explains the contamination levels and what action was taken by the ownership because of the contaminant level.

(d) When a water sample result does not meet the quality standard as set forth in He-P 2102.02, bottling plant personnel shall conduct additional testing as follows:

(1) For microbiological samples test results which show coliform bacteria in the water, samples shall be tested at least 2 times each week on non-consecutive days for one month following the original sample and after any corrective actions have been taken;

(2) For chemical, physical and radiological contaminants, samples shall be tested at least once each month for 3 months following the original sample and after any corrective actions have been taken; and

(3) The plant or bulk source ownership shall submit results of all follow-up tests to the department.

(Derived From Volume XXXVIII Number 50, Filed December 13, 2018, Proposed by #12680, Effective 11/27/2018, Expires 11/27/2028.)

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