He-W 540.05 - Non-covered Services

He-W 540.05. Non-covered Services

(a) PDN shall not be a covered service when the recipient resides in any one of the following:

(1) A nursing facility licensed pursuant to RSA 151:2 and He-P 803;

(2) A hospital licensed pursuant to RSA 151:2 and He-P 802;

(3) An assisted living residence-supported residential health care (ALR-SRHC) facility licensed in accordance with RSA 151:2 and He-P 805;

(4) A private non-medical institution as defined in 42 CFR 434.2, and licensed pursuant to RSA 151:2 and He-P 800;

(5) An intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded (ICF/MR) as described in 42 CFR 150; and

(6) An institution for mental diseases (IMD) as defined in 42 CFR 435.1010.

(b) Services that consist only of assistance with activities of daily living or other non-skilled services needed to live at home that do not require a nurse, including but not limited to assistance with grooming, toileting, eating, dressing, getting into or out of a bed or chair, and walking shall not be covered as PDN.

(See Revision Note at chapter heading He-W 500); ss by #6134, eff 11-30-95, EXPIRED: 11-30-03

New. #8069, eff 4-17-04; ss by #10107, INTERIM, eff 4-17-12, EXPIRES: 10-15-12; ss by #10186, eff 10-15-12

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