He-W 696.01 - Purpose

He-W 696.01. Purpose

The purpose of Nutritional Supplement for Working Families (NSWF) is to offer working recipients of food stamp benefits a supplemental monthly assistance pursuant to 45 CFR 260.31(a)(1) to be used only to augment their families' nutritional needs and help offset their other financial obligations. Recipients of NSWF shall be counted in the department's work participation rate pursuant to RSA 167:77-a,I(e).

(See Revision Note at Chapter Heading He-W 600) #5171, eff 6-26-91; ss by #6531, INTERIM, eff 6-27-97, EXPIRED : 10-25-97; ss by #6614, eff 10-24-97, EXPIRED: 10-24-05

New. #10052, eff 12-20-11

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