He-W 824.01 - Institutional Residence

He-W 824.01. Institutional Residence

(a) The following individuals shall not be considered inmates of public institutions or private institutions primarily engaged in treating mental or emotional disorders or tuberculosis:

(1) Individuals who are admitted to the New Hampshire Hospital for purposes of evaluation only, for a period not to exceed 3 months;

(2) Individuals who, while remaining under the general supervision of a public institution as an official inmate of that institution, physically reside outside the institution;

(3) Individuals under age 22 or age 65 or older who are certified for care at a designated receiving facility as defined in He-M 405.02(f);

(4) Patients at the psychiatric unit of the Dartmouth - Hitchcock Medical Center;

(5) Children in placement in foster homes or other approved child caring institutions;

(6) Children who participate in the special education program at the Sununu Youth Services Center;

(7) Adults in residential care facilities and community living residences; and

(8) Inmates committed by a court order to a NH correctional facility, who require inpatient care at a medical institution as defined in 42 CFR 435.1010.

(b) Individuals who are patients at the Glencliff nursing facility unit of the New Hampshire Hospital shall be considered as residing in a nursing facility.

(Derived From Volume XXXVI Number 10, Filed March 10, 2016, Proposed by #11042, Effective 2/24/2016, Expires 2/24/2026.)

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