1. Part Bea 301 - PURPOSE AND SCOPE (§ Bea 301.01 to Bea 301.02)
  2. Part Bea 302 - PROGRAM INFORMATION (§ Bea 302.01 to Bea 302.12)
  3. Part Bea 303 - PROJECT INFORMATION (§ Bea 303.01 to Bea 303.06)
  4. Part Bea 304 - PROCEDURE FOR JPP GRANT APPLICATION (§ Bea 304.01 to Bea 304.02)
  5. Part Bea 305 - REIMBURSEMENT OF PROJECT EXPENSES (§ Bea 305.01 to Bea 305.04)
  6. Part Bea 306 - REPORTING (§ Bea 306.01 to Bea 306.02)
  7. Part Bea 307 - PROGRAM INFORMATION (§ Bea 307.01)
  8. Appendix - Appendix


Statutory Authority: RSA 12-O:17


The subject matter in Chapter Bea 300 titled "Rules for Joint Promotional Program" was originally adopted by Document #2221, effective 12-23-82, in rules under the subtitle Res-V of the Department of Resources and Economic Development and were readopted by Document #2979, effective 2-21-85. Chapter Res-V 300 titled "Rules for Joint Promotional Program-Vacation Travel" was adopted by Document #3098, effective 8-20-85, and readopted with amendment by Document #4469, effective 8-8-88, as Chapter Res-V 300 titled "Joint Promotional Program." All of Chapter Res-V 300 expired on 8-8-94.

Document #6022, effective 4-24-95, subsequently adopted Chapter Res 3300 titled "Rules for Joint Promotional Program", which made changes relative to rules for the Joint Promotional Program in the former Chapter Res-V 300 and renumbered them as Chapter Res 3300. Document #7684, effective 7-1-02, readopted with amendments Chapter Res 3300, which was subsequently readopted with amendments by Document #9102, effective 7-1-08. All of Chapter Res 3300 expired 7-1-16.

The Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) was abolished pursuant to 2017, 156:15, effective 7-1-17. RSA 12-O was adopted by 2017, 156:40, effective 7-1-17, which established the Department of Business and Economic Affairs. Pursuant to 2017, 156:49, effective 7-1-17, existing rules of the former DRED were transferred to the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources under rule title "Ncr" or the Department of Business and Economic Affairs under rule title "Bea", as applicable, and continue in effect until they expire or are amended or repealed.

Because Chapter Res 3300 had already expired on 7-1-16, they did not transfer to the new Department of Business and Economic Affairs but had to be adopted again by the Department pursuant to RSA 12-O:17. Document #13270, effective 9-30-21, adopted Chapter Bea 300, which extensively changed the rules in the former Chapter Res 3300. Document #13270 replaces all prior filings for rules in the former Chapter Res 3300 on the Joint Promotional Program.

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