1. Part Occ 101 - PURPOSE (§ Occ 101.01)
  2. Part Occ 102 - DEFINITIONS (§ Occ 102.01 to Occ 102.04)
  3. Part Occ 103 - DESCRIPTION OF THE BOARD AND BOARD MEETINGS (§ Occ 103.01 to Occ 103.05)

Current through Register Vol. 41, No. 52, December 30, 2021



Document #13081, effective 7-31-20, readopted, readopted with amendments, or repealed all of the rules in Chapter Occ 100. Specifically, Occ 101.01 titled "Purpose", Occ 103.02 titled "Relationship of the Board to the Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals", Occ 103.03 titled "Responsibilities of the Board", and Occ 103.04 titled "Board Meetings and Quorum" were readopted. Occ 103.05 titled "Attendance at Meetings by Members of the Public", Occ 103.06 titled "Notice of Meetings", Occ 103.07 titled "Minutes of Board Meetings", and Occ 104 titled "Public Information" were repealed. A new Occ 103.05 titled "Other Organizational Rules" was adopted.

Document #13081 replaced all prior filings for rules in the former Chapter Occ 100. The prior filings affecting the former Chapter Occ 100 was Document #8272, effective 1-26-05. The prior filings affecting each effective rule in Chapter Occ 100 are indicated in the source notes for each rule.

As organizational rules the rules in Chapter Occ 100 will not expire except pursuant to RSA 541-A:17, II.

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