N.J. Admin. Code § 10:161B-20.3 - Client care environment

(a) The facility shall meet the following housekeeping and sanitation conditions:
1. The facility and its contents shall be clean to sight and touch and free of dirt and debris;
2. All rooms shall be free of condensation, mold growth, and noxious odors;
3. All equipment and materials necessary for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing (if applicable), shall be available in the facility at all times;
4. Thermometers, which are accurate to within three degrees Fahrenheit, shall be kept in a visible location in refrigerators, freezers, and storerooms used for perishable and other items subject to deterioration;
5. Articles in storage shall be elevated from the floor and away from walls, ceilings, and air vents;
6. Aisles in storage areas shall be unobstructed;
7. Controls safe for clients and staff shall be used to minimize and eliminate the presence of rodents, flies, roaches, fleas and other vermin in the facility, and to prevent the breeding, harborage, or feeding of vermin;
i. All openings to the outer air shall be effectively protected against the entrance of insects;
8. Toilet tissue, soap, and disposable towels or air driers shall be provided in each bathroom at all times;
9. Draperies, upholstery, and other fabrics or decorations shall be fire-resistant and flameproof;
10. The temperature within client areas of the facility shall be maintained within a minimum of 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
i. The facility shall maintain adequate ventilation in all areas used by clients; and
11. Facilities which provide areas for children on the premises shall ensure that children are not exposed to lead based paint hazards in accordance with the provisions of N.J.A.C. 8:51, Childhood Lead Poisoning. Facilities constructed prior to 1978 shall be considered to contain lead based paint unless an inspection and testing by an individual with a New Jersey Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor permit has determined that the paint does not contain lead.
(b) The facility shall meet the following safety conditions:
1. Nonskid wax shall be used on all waxed floors.
2. Throw rugs or scatter rugs shall not be used.
3. All equipment shall have unobstructed space provided for operation.
4. Pesticides shall be applied in accordance with State Pesticide Control Code, N.J.A.C. 7:30.
5. All household and cleaning products in the facility shall be identified, labeled, and securely stored in a cabinet, closet, or room, which is inaccessible to clients.
6. Combustible materials shall not be stored in heater rooms or within 18 feet of any heater located in an open basement.
7. Minimum supplies of paints, varnishes, lacquers, thinners, and other flammable materials shall be stored in a locked storage room or in closets, locked metal cabinets or containers in a non-client area of the facility.
8. All furnishings shall be clean and in good repair, and mechanical equipment shall be in good working order.
i. Equipment shall be kept covered to protect from contamination and accessible for cleaning and inspection.
ii. Broken or worn items shall be repaired, replaced, or removed promptly.
9. In facilities that provide areas for children, all areas accessible to the children shall be maintained in a safe and sanitary manner by ensuring that:
i. There are no poisonous plants;
ii. Toxic chemicals including cleaning agents are stored in locked cabinets or enclosed in areas not accessible to the children;
iii. All electrical outlets have protective covers;
iv. Any and all water coolers in areas that may at any time occupy children do not dispense hot water and outlets to the water cooler are not accessible to children;
v. All fluorescent tubes and incandescent light bulbs have protective covers or shields;
vi. All windows and other glass surfaces that are not made of safety glass shall have protective guards;
vii. Materials and furniture for indoor and outdoor use are of sturdy and safe construction, easy to clean, and free of hazards;
viii. Poisons, insect traps, and rodent traps are kept out of reach of children;
ix. All indoor and outdoor areas are maintained in a safe and sanitary manner; and
x. Children do not have access to medications administered by the facility.


N.J. Admin. Code § 10:161B-20.3

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