N.J. Admin. Code § 10:69-3.19 - Temporary absence from State

(a) A beneficiary family may leave the State for up to a one-month period with no resultant effect upon Medicaid eligibility. If absence from the State shall exceed or is anticipated to exceed the one-month period, the family shall immediately notify the CWA in order to request continuation of Medicaid for a three-month period following the month of departure, or any portion thereof. Such notice of intent to temporarily leave the State and request to continue Medicaid should be given to the CWA as far in advance of a planned absence as possible. Approval of such Medicaid continuation may be granted by the CWA quarterly for a period not to exceed one year. Authorization for extension of assistance beyond one year requires approval of the DMAHS.
(b) Upon establishment of the fact that the beneficiary family still considers its permanent residence to be New Jersey and that it plans to return thereto, continuation of Medicaid may be granted for the following reason(s):
1. Ill health;
2. Inability to travel of one or more members;
3. Mental or physical welfare; or
4. Family responsibility (for example, settling affairs of deceased).
(c) Medicaid coverage shall not be automatically continued without inquiry with respect to a beneficiary family that leaves New Jersey when there has been no information provided to the agency establishing that the absence is purely temporary. All beneficiary families shall be advised that it is their responsibility to notify the CWA personally or in writing and arrange in advance, so far as possible, for any plan to leave New Jersey for any period in excess of one month if they wish Medicaid coverage to be continued during absence from the State. The decision whether or not to leave New Jersey, whether it is for permanent removal or temporary absence, shall rest with the beneficiary family and does not require official approval or disapproval by the agency.
(d) Whenever a beneficiary family wishes to leave New Jersey either to establish a permanent place of abode or for a temporary visit, they shall be advised of the effects of this plan on their eligibility for continued Medicaid during the temporary absence.
(e) If a beneficiary family has left the State without notifying the agency of the nature, purpose, and expected duration of such absence, the CWA will make every effort to inform the family in writing of the information required to termination of their Medicaid coverage. This notice shall include a sentence in Spanish cautioning the client that inaction may jeopardize continued AFDC-related Medicaid and that if they do not understand it they should get help. Upon receipt of such information from the beneficiary family or a collateral source, Medicaid may be continued if deemed necessary by the CWA. Medicaid eligibility shall continue issued until the CWA has determined whether the beneficiary has or has not abandoned State residency, in accordance with N.J.A.C. 10:69-3.23.


N.J. Admin. Code § 10:69-3.19
Amended by 49 N.J.R. 3729(a), effective 12/4/2017

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