N.J. Admin. Code § 13:69A-1.2 - Persons required to obtain a casino employee registration

(a) Any natural person who will be employed by a casino licensee or holding or intermediary company of a casino licensee, and involved in the operation of a licensed casino or a simulcasting facility, or whose employment duties predominantly involve the maintenance or operation of gaming activity or equipment and assets associated therewith, or regularly requires work in a restricted casino area shall be required to hold, prior to such employment, a current and valid casino employee registration issued in accordance with 5:12-91(g). Such positions shall include, without limitation, persons who:
1. Function as a dealer;
2. Function as a boxperson;
3. Function as a floorperson in accordance with 13:69D-1.12(b)2;
4. Perform, under the supervision of an audit department executive, the duties and responsibilities of the internal audit department in accordance with 13:69D-1.11(b)2, including, without limitation, the supervision of personnel in the internal audit department; the monitoring of compliance with regulations and internal controls; and the evaluation of the adequacy of accounting and administrative controls;
5. Perform, under the supervision of a controller, the duties and responsibilities of the casino accounting department in accordance with 13:69D-1.11(b)6 including, without limitation, the supervision of personnel in the casino accounting department; overseeing the review, verification and recordation of casino revenue journal entries; and the processing or control of active accounting documents related to casino gaming activity;
6. Have access to active accounting documents related to casino gaming activity;
7. Conduct surveillance investigations and operations in accordance with 13:69D-1.11(b)1;
8. Repair and maintain slot machines and bill changers in accordance with 13:69D-1.11(b)4;
9. Assist in the operation of slot machines and bill changers, including, without limitation, persons who participate in manual jackpot payouts and fill payout reserve containers, or supervise such persons in accordance with 13:69D-1.12(b)3;
10. Identify patrons or groups of patrons to receive complimentaries based on actual patron play, authorize such complimentaries or determine the amount of such complimentaries;
11. Analyze casino operations data and make recommendations to casino key employee personnel relating to, without limitation, casino marketing, complimentaries, junkets, gaming, casino simulcasting, keno wagering, special events, promotions and player ratings;
12. Enter data in casino computer systems or develop, maintain, install or operate casino computer systems or related software in accordance with 13:69D-1.11(b)3;
13. Develop marketing programs to promote casino gaming including, without limitation, coupon redemption and other complimentary distribution programs;
14. Distribute, redeem, account for, inventory, or assign for distribution coupons that are considered in the calculation of gross revenue, provided, however, that:
i. Employees whose duties and responsibilities are limited to the nondiscretionary distribution of coupons to patrons shall not be required to obtain a casino employee registration; and
ii. Notwithstanding (a)24 below, any person who supervises an employee exempted from registration by (a)14i above shall be required to obtain a casino employee registration;
15. Process or maintain information on credit applications or the redemption of counterchecks;
16. Process coins, currency, gaming chips, gaming plaques, slot tokens or cash equivalents;
17. Repair or maintain the closed circuit television system equipment that is required by 13:69D-1.11(b)1 as an employee of the surveillance department;
18. Are being trained to become a surveillance employee;
19. Provide physical security in a casino, casino simulcasting facility or restricted casino area;
20. Control and maintain the slot machine inventory, including replacement parts, equipment and tools used to maintain slot machines;
21. Perform as the secretary to the supervisor of the surveillance department, internal audit department, casino accounting department or credit department;
22. Repair gaming equipment other than slot machines;
23. Perform responsibilities associated with the installation, maintenance or operation of computer hardware for casino computer systems;
24. Supervise a person required to be registered as a casino employee; and
25. Manage or supervise information technology employees.
(b) Any person who holds a current and valid casino key employee license may perform the duties and responsibilities of any position that requires a casino employee registration.


N.J. Admin. Code § 13:69A-1.2

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