N.J. Admin. Code § 14:17-6.13 - Petitions for authority to issue stocks, bonds, notes, other evidence of indebtedness, or to execute mortgages

(a) Petitions for authority to issue any stocks, bonds, notes, or other evidence of indebtedness, payable in more than one year from the date thereof, and to execute mortgages shall conform to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 48:5A-1 et seq., and N.J.A.C. 14:17-4, and 6.1 through 6.4, to the extent applicable, and shall in the body thereof, or in attached exhibits, provide the following information:
1. A statement of the amount and terms of the proposed issue including the nature of the security therefor, if any; the purposes for which the proceeds are to be used; and the nature of all rights and limitations applicable to the security;
2. Where one of the purposes is the acquisition of property, a general description of the property, the name of the transferor, and a copy of the contract, if any, for such acquisition. In the case of property to be acquired for right-of-way purposes, a general description of the proposed route and a map or plot plan will be sufficient.
3. Where one of the purposes is the construction, completion, extension or improvement of facilities, a general description of the work proposed to be done, and an estimate of the cost thereof in reasonable detail. Where one of the purposes is the improvement or maintenance of service, there shall be included a description of the existing service as well as of the improvements or betterments proposed;
4. Where one of the purposes is the refunding of securities, a description of the securities and obligations to be refunded, including the kind, amount, date of issue and date of maturity, together with the terms of refunding and all other material facts affecting the same must be set out;
5. Where one of the purposes is the issuance of capital stock based upon the investment of earnings in plant, which might have been distributed in dividends a complete and reasonably detailed enumeration of petitioner's property, priced at original cost, estimated if not known. The petitioner shall produce at the hearing, evidence in support of such enumeration and pricing;
6. Where one of the purposes is to reimburse the treasury for expenditures not theretofore capitalized by the issuance of securities, the petitioner shall also show the exact period and amount for which reimbursement is desired, comparative financial statements which shall include, at a minimum, balance sheets and utility plant by accounts as at the beginning and end of the period, as well as changes in the period (in the case of cable television plant, additions and retirements shall be stated separately for each year); a statement indicating the source and application of funds during the period; a statement indicating the manner in which petitioner proposes to use the proceeds from the security issue; and the necessity and reasonableness of the proposed transaction;
7. Where one of the purposes is for the issuance of common capital stock in connection with the organization of a new corporation to operate as a cable television company, the petition must contain the following:
i. A copy of the certificate of incorporation;
ii. The names and addresses of the elected or proposed officers, directors, and stockholders of the company and the number of shares of capital stock to be held by each;
iii. The required number of stockholders and directors and the state in which they reside pursuant to the statute under which the corporation will be organized;
iv. A corporate resolution or proposed resolution of directors of the cable television company authorizing the issuance of the stock;
v. A copy of a pro forma balance sheet of the new corporation and a copy of a pro forma income statement of estimated operating results anticipated for the first two years of its proposed operations, unless a different period is specified by the Office;
vi. The name of the municipality and the street and number therein:
(1) In which the principal office in this State is to be located and the name of the agent in charge of such principal office upon whom process against the corporation may be served;
(2) In which the principal business office is to be located;
(3) At which the records, books, accounts, documents and other writings referred to in 48:5A-1 et seq., to be kept and the name, place of residence within this State and place of business of the agent who shall have custody of said corporate records and upon whom process for the production of the same before the Board or Office may be served. (The books of account must be kept in conformity with the appropriate Uniform System of Accounts prescribed by the Office.) Books and records must be kept within this State unless authority to do otherwise is obtained from the Board.
vii. A detailed list of organization expenditures;
viii. A copy of a pro forma balance sheet giving effect to the issuance of the proposed securities;
ix. A copy of a pro forma income statement giving effect to the issuance of the proposed securities;
x. The effective rate of interest or of the cost of money to the petitioner, and the reasonableness thereof, if authority is requested to issue stocks, bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness by means of private placement and not a public offering, and the financial sources that the petitioner has contacted in this connection. Petitioner should submit information as to the computation of the effective rate of interest or of the cost of money as distinguished from the nominal rates which may be indicated.
8. Where one of the purposes is the issuance of bonds to be secured by an existing mortgage a statement showing the amount and use made of the proceeds of the bonds, if any, already issued under such mortgage;
9. Information relating to the current financial condition of the petitioner setting forth:
i. As to each class of capital stock of the petitioner, the amount authorized and the amount issued and outstanding;
ii. As to each class of preferred stock of the petitioner, a summary statement of the terms of preference thereof;
iii. As to each issue or series of long-term indebtedness of the petitioner, the principal amount authorized to be issued, date of issue, date of maturity, rate of interest and principal amount outstanding, and as to each such issue secured by a mortgage upon any property of the petitioner, the date of said mortgage, name of trustee, principal amount authorized to be secured, and a brief description of the mortgaged property;
iv. Other indebtedness of all kinds, giving same by classes and describing security, if any;
v. Amount of interest charged to income during previous fiscal year upon each kind of indebtedness and rate thereof, and, if different rates were charged, amount charged at each rate;
vi. The amount of dividends paid upon each class of stock during the previous calendar year and rate thereof;
vii. A detailed income statement for the previous calendar year and balance sheet showing conditions at the close of that year.
10. A statement whether any franchise or right is proposed to be capitalized directly or indirectly. In case it is proposed to capitalize any franchise. A copy of such franchise and a statement, together with an affidavit showing the amount actually paid for said franchise shall be attached to the petition;
11. Where any contract, agreement or arrangement, verbal or written has been to sell the securities proposed to be issued, a description of such contract, agreement or arrangement and, if in writing, a copy thereof;
12. If no contract, agreement, or arrangement has been made for the sale or other disposition of the securities proposed to be issued, the proposed method of sale or other disposition must be set forth together with an affidavit of a competent person showing the amount which can probably be realized from the sale and disposition thereof, and the reasons for the opinion of the affiant;
13. Petitions filed under this rule shall contain a certified copy of the resolution of the Board of Directors or other authority authorizing the proposed issuance of securities and shall be verified. The verification shall include a statement that it is the intention of the petitioner in good faith to use the proceeds of the securities proposed to be issued for the purposes set forth in the petition; and
14. Information which under this rule is required to be set forth in a petition or any exhibit attached thereto and which is contained in any report, document, pleading or other instrument previously filed with the Office pursuant to any requirement of any statute or any rule of the Office, may be incorporated in such petition or exhibit by reference to the official filing thereof with the Office provided that said information is still correct in all respects.


N.J. Admin. Code § 14:17-6.13
Amended by 49 N.J.R. 1097(a), effective 5/1/2017

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