N.J. Admin. Code § 3A:55-6.6 - Visitation and communication

(a) The treatment team shall determine the family members and friends with whom the child may communicate and visit.
1. The treatment team shall identify visitors with whom the child may have contact at intake and may revise the list at subsequent treatment planning or case management meetings.
2. Between treatment planning or case management meetings, the facility may curtail a child's contact with individuals after consultation with the Division or other placing agency if the facility:
i. Informs the child of the conditions of and reasons for restriction or termination; and
ii. Documents in the child's record the reasons for curtailing contact with the specified individuals.
(b) The facility shall develop a visiting policy and explain the visiting policy to the child and parents at intake. The visiting policy shall specify:
1. The hours for visiting family members and how alternative hours may be arranged;
2. That family visits shall not be denied for a child's infraction of rules, but may be denied if such visits would be contrary to the child's treatment plan;
3. That visitors who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall not be allowed to visit or to transport the child;
4. That the child may visit his or her placing agency worker upon reasonable request and that these visits shall not be unreasonably denied; and
5. The hours when a child may visit with friends and whether a child's visits with friends may be curtailed for a child's infraction of the rules.
(c) The facility shall meet the following requirements for the use of the telephone by children:
1. The facility shall permit reasonable access to a telephone by the child for telephone conversations with each Division worker or other professional person or agency.
i. The child shall not be charged a cost for these telephone calls; and
ii. The facility shall provide adequate privacy for these telephone calls and all other calls but may locate the telephone in an area where a staff member can observe the child's reactions;
2. The facility shall permit reasonable access to the telephone by the child for telephone conversations with his or her parents. The facility may impose restrictions on these conversations if the following conditions exist:
i. The cost of the telephone calls is prohibitive; or
ii. The facility is complying with a court order which limits the child's contact with his or her parents;
3. When the facility imposes restrictions on a child's access to telephone conversations with his or her parents, as specified in (c)2 above, the facility shall:
i. Explain the nature of any restrictions to the child; and
ii. Document the rationale for imposing restrictions in the child's record;
4. The facility shall develop and maintain on file a written policy governing the use of the telephone by children when they communicate with friends. The facility may impose one or more of the following conditions:
i. Restricting the time and duration of telephone calls;
ii. Requiring the child to pay for telephone calls with friends;
iii. Denying the child use of the telephone for infraction of house rules; and
iv. Requesting the child to identify telephone callers; and
5. The facility shall not use tapes or any other mechanical listening devices to monitor a child's telephone calls.
(d) The facility shall not restrict the amount of mail a child sends or receives, unless a court order stipulates such restriction.
1. The child shall receive a postage allowance and writing materials for corresponding with family, friends and other persons who have a positive impact on the child's treatment.
2. No staff member shall open the child's parcels or letters or read the child's letters unless the child is physically incapable of doing so, and then only in the presence of both the child and another staff member.
3. A staff member may ask a child to open parcels and letters in the staff member's presence along with at least one other staff member only if he or she suspects the contents to be contraband, as specified in 3A:55-6.15.
i. If the child refuses to comply with the staff member's request, the facility shall store the parcel or letter in a secure place until the child complies or is discharged.
ii. The facility shall document the rationale for and the outcome of all incidents when a staff member asks a child to open mail in a staff member's presence.


N.J. Admin. Code § 3A:55-6.6
Administrative Change, 49 N.J.R. 98a. Amended by 50 N.J.R. 285(a), effective 1/16/2018

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