N.J. Admin. Code § 3A:55-6.7 - Education

(a) Facilities located in New Jersey shall ensure that school-age children receive educational instruction to which they are entitled under provisions of Federal and State education laws and regulations.
(b) Facilities located in other states shall ensure that school-age children receive educational instruction to which they are entitled under provisions of education laws and regulations of the state in which they are located.
(c) Education shall be provided either in a public school or private educational institution in the community or in an approved on-grounds school operated by the facility.
(d) The facility shall ensure that any child who is legally not attending school is either gainfully employed or enrolled in a training program that teaches necessary life skills or methods of job acquisition.
(e) The facility shall provide or utilize on-grounds or community vocational education services appropriate to the age, skill level, interests and abilities of those children who require such services.
(f) Requirements for facilities operating on-grounds education programs are as follows:
1. The facility shall provide an education program that ensures instruction is given to each school-age child in all specific curriculum areas identified in the Individualized Education Plan, as required by Federal education law, or in the child's treatment plan; and
2. The facility shall inform the child's appropriate school district if its on-grounds education program cannot provide instruction in all specific curriculum areas, as specified in (f)1 above.
(g) Requirements for facilities using off-grounds education programs are as follows:
1. When the facility determines that the child is ready to attend a public or community school, the facility shall make efforts to place the child in that setting and document such efforts in the child's record; and
2. When a child attends school in the community, the facility shall maintain regular contact with the teachers and other appropriate personnel concerning the child's progress.
3. The facility staff shall notify the principal or designee when a child attending a public school in New Jersey will be absent, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:36-25.6.
(h) Requirements for facilities providing vocational programs are as follows:
1. A facility providing a vocational program shall ensure that the vocational services for a child include the following information:
i. Vocational evaluation;
ii. Formulation of vocational goals;
iii. Development of a vocational training plan; and
iv. Provision of skills training, employment counseling, job development and placement services or referral to appropriate sources providing these services.
(i) A facility with an on-grounds education program(s) shall maintain on file copies of all approvals and accreditations of its program and physical facilities from the department of education of the state in which it is located.
(j) The child's education record shall include:
1. Information used in the identification, classification and instruction of the child prior to developing a course of study or training to meet the child's academic or vocational needs, including records from the school district of residence and from previously attended residential facilities;
2. Initial and revised Individualized Education Plans, when legally required for the child;
3. Results of educational testing and evaluations of the child;
4. Reports of the child's academic functioning, completed at regular intervals;
5. A vocational training plan for the child; and
6. If the child attends school in the community, quarterly academic progress reports obtained from the community school.


N.J. Admin. Code § 3A:55-6.7
Administrative Change, 49 N.J.R. 98a. Amended by 50 N.J.R. 285(a), effective 1/16/2018

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