N.J. Admin. Code § 7:2-2.8 - Pets

(a) Except as provided in 7:2-2.9, Service animals and hunting dogs, and (b) below, all pets are prohibited from buildings, swimming beaches, swimming waters, camping and overnight facilities other than those designated as pet friendly, golf courses, and botanical gardens.
(b) Pets are allowed at camping areas and overnight facilities designated as pet friendly, provided the owner complies with (c) below.
(c) Except as provided in (d) below and 7:2-2.9, the owner or any pet shall keep the pet caged or held on a leash (maximum length - six feet) and under the immediate control of the owner at all times.
(d) Where allowed in areas not listed in (a) above, the pet does not have to be caged or held on a leash while on a vessel on waters under the jurisdiction of the State Park Service but shall be under the immediate control of the owner at all times.
(e) The owner shall be responsible for the pet's behavior. The owner shall be strictly liable for any nuisance, noise, damage or injury caused by the pet.
(f) The owner shall be responsible for the prompt and sanitary disposal of the pet's waste.
(g) The term "owner" as used in this section refers to the person that is responsible for the care of the pet or that physically has control of the pet on or within the State Park Service jurisdiction.


N.J. Admin. Code § 7:2-2.8
Amended by R.2007 d.155, effective 5/7/2007.
See: 38 N.J.R. 4779(a), 39 N.J.R. 1701(a).
Section was "Furred animals and pets". In (a), deleted "furred animals or other" preceding "pets", and substituted "swimming" for "bathing" two times; in (b), deleted "furred animal or" preceding "pet" two times; in (c), substituted "the" for "any furred animal or" preceding "pet"; in (d), deleted "animal's or" preceding "pet's behavior"; and substituted "the pet" for "furred animals or pets"; in (e), deleted "animal's or" preceding "pet's"; and in (f), deleted "animal or" preceding "pet" two times.
Amended by R.2014 d.031, effective 2/18/2014.
See: 44 N.J.R. 1935(a), 44 N.J.R. 2269(a), 46 N.J.R. 335(b).
Rewrote the section.

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