N.J. Admin. Code § 7:25-2.24 - Fishing tournaments

(a) No person or persons shall conduct a fishing tournament on or from any fish and wildlife management area without a permit from the Division.
(b) "Fishing tournament" means any organized competitive fishing event, from shoreline or from boat, with or without remuneration of any form, that is engaged in by more than 10 anglers or five boats, whichever is less.
(c) Permits for the use of any fish and wildlife management area for conducting fishing tournaments may be granted by the Division in accordance with the provisions of this section.
(d) Application procedures are as follows:
1. A permit for a fishing tournament may be issued to any organization, including, but not limited to, sportsmen's organizations, civic organizations and governmental councils or agencies.
2. An application for the holding of a fishing tournament shall be made to the Division at PO Box 400, Trenton, NJ 08625-0400, no later than 60 days in advance of the proposed date for the event.
3. Such application will contain the following information:
i. The name of the tournament organizer and/or sponsor;
ii. The address and telephone number of the tournament organizer and/or sponsor;
iii. The proposed date of the tournament;
iv. The number of participants and boats;
v. The starting time and ending time; and
vi. The rules and restrictions placed on the event by the organizer and/or sponsor.
4. A $ 15.00 per day fee shall be included with the application for all fishing tournaments conducted on or from a Wildlife Management Area. The fee may be waived for charitable-oriented events.
(e) The organizer or sponsor of the tournament will be responsible for, and required to report, the number of tournament participants, hours fished and the species, number and sizes of fish caught and released, and the species, number and sizes of fish harvested. Failure to report this information will result in future denial of fishing tournament permits.
(f) Issuance of a permit for a fishing tournament does not convey any special privileges in regards to the taking of fish or in the use of boat motors. All tournament participants must comply with all of the provisions of the Fish Code and Wildlife Management Area regulations in effect at the time of the tournament. All tournament participants, that fish, must possess and display a fishing license valid for the calendar year in which the tournament occurs.
(g) Issuance of a permit does not grant an exclusive right to use the designated area. Tournament organizers, sponsors and/or participants shall not impede the rights of others to use the area.
(h) By issuing a permit, the Division does not assume any responsibility or liability for such fishing tournament. Judging and awarding of prizes is the sole responsibility of the permittee, organizer and/or sponsor.
(i) The permittee organizer and/or sponsor of the tournament shall be responsible for the proper disposal of all litter and trash generated by the event.
(j) All persons shall use every precaution to prevent damage, destruction, or fire to the Wildlife Management Area. The permittee shall be completely responsible for any damage as a result of the fishing tournament. No permit shall be issued to any organization or persons who have damaged or destroyed State lands or property and who have failed to reimburse the State for such damage and/or destruction.


N.J. Admin. Code § 7:25-2.24
New Rule, R.1995 d.578, effective 11/6/1995.
See: 27 New Jersey Register 1890(a), 27 New Jersey Register 4283(a).
Amended by R.2001 d.73, effective 3/5/2001.
See: 32 New Jersey Register 4435(a), 33 New Jersey Register 874(a).

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