N.J. Admin. Code 87 app A

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Technical requirements and specifications

The Division of Family Development is responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring fiscal management procedures which ensure the security and control of NJ SNAP Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT).

The Office of Budget and Financial Management/NJ SNAP program Fiscal Office operating requirements in Appendix A are unique to the State of New Jersey NJ SNAP program fiscal administration. County Welfare Agencies (CWAs) are encouraged to submit suggestions to improve this Appendix to:


NJ SNAP program Fiscal Office

Office of Budget and Financial Management

Division of Family Development--PO Box 716

Trenton, N.J. 08625

1. Terms applicable to fiscal operations and their definitions are as follows:
(A) EBT: The system currently in use to provide NJ SNAP benefits electronically to the NJ SNAP recipients.
(B) eFunds: The current contractor for processing Electronic Benefits in New Jersey, eFunds Corporation.
(C) POS Terminals: The Point of Sale terminals currently in use by retailers to process the NJ SNAP benefits cashed by the NJ SNAP recipients.
(D) EBT Administrative Terminal: The software application provided by eFunds and used by CWAs to issue expedited NJ SNAP benefits online.
(E) EBT On-Line Microfiche Terminals: The application provided by eFunds and used by CWAs and State NJ SNAP program staff and other Offices to access various EBT reports provided by eFunds.
(F) Settlement: The amount of NJ SNAP benefits that are processed during a merchant's preset Automated Clearing House cut off time for a business day.
(G) FRB: The Federal Reserve Bank.
(H) AMA: Account Management Agent maintained at the FRB for New Jersey. All daily NJ SNAP authorizations by the Family Assistance Management Information System (FAMIS) are sent to AMA by eFunds.
(I) ASAP: Automated Standard Application for Payment maintained at the United States Treasury for New Jersey. NJ SNAP funds are authorized in ASAP by AMA and withdrawn by eFunds for the amount of benefits settled each day.
(J) Cutoff dates: The dates by which all FAMIS A and B forms must be submitted to the Office of Information and Technology (OIT) Data Center to be included in the current updating operation.
(K) Master file: The file maintained at the OIT Data Center which contains information relating to all NPA/PA cases which are in active status in the computer system.
(L) Sort: Sequencing of information on computer printouts by the computer program.
(M) Work record: The record maintained at the OIT Data Center which contains information relating to the current month issuance. All data that clears the various edit programs will become integrated into the FAMIS Master File with the exception of replacement data.
2. Retention of fiscal records: Retention rules for NJ SNAP program fiscal records at the CWA are divided into two categories:
(A) Category I: Computer operations source documents: FAMIS A and B source documents used for terminal input are to be retained for a period of three months after terminal entry. Copies of both are to be filed in the case record and must be retained in accordance with the case record retention schedule.
(B) Category II: Computer printouts: All originals of printout documents shall be retained for three years.
(C) Approval and destruction: Approval for destruction of documents must be received from the Bureau of Archives and History by completing Form ED-6. Actual destruction through incineration or shredding is mandatory.

NOTE: Category II documents listed above shall not be destroyed if the CWA has been instructed in writing by DFD (or the United States Department of Agriculture/Food and Nutrition Service) to retain them.

(D) The State/CWAs are required to complete form FNS-135, Affidavit of Return or Exchange of Food Coupons, when NJ SNAP recipients repay their NJ SNAP claims using existing EBT NJ SNAP benefits.


Data Processing Services

1. The computer generated documents provided for CWA management of fiscal operations of the NJ SNAP program is as follows:

CWA Action
Document Title Required Source Produced
CI 909-01 NJ SNAP Yes Form A The 10th of
Replacements the month after
Issued transaction month
FC 072-01 NJ SNAP No Form A The 4th
Authorizations working day prior
Issued (Monthly) to month
CI 940-01 CI NJ SNAP No Form A Daily
940-02 FC Authorizations
072-03 Issued (Daily)
FC 072-04 NJ SNAP No Form A The 10th of
Authorizations the month
Issued following
(Cumulative transaction month
Daily) end
CI 900-01 List of No Form A Daily


N.J. Admin. Code 87 app A
New Rule R.1989 d.121, effective 2/21/1989.
See: 20 N.J.R. 2689(a), 21 N.J.R. 511(b).
Amended by R.1990 d.565, effective 11/19/1990.
See: 22 N.J.R. 2219(a), 22 N.J.R. 3486(a).
Required the Division of Economic Assistance or the CWAs to complete Form FNS-135, Affidavit of Return or Exchange of Food Coupons, when forwarding returned coupons to the United States Department of Agriculture.
Amended by R.1991 d.247, effective 5/6/1991.
See: 23 N.J.R. 179(a), 23 N.J.R. 1412(b).
Revised text throughout to distinguish procedures for glued and/or stapled coupon booklets. Added new 3(B)(4).
Repeal and New Rule, R.2004 d.181, effective 5/17/2004.
See: 36 N.J.R. 28(a), 36 N.J.R. 2425(a).
Administrative change.
See: 44 N.J.R. 1529(a).

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