N.J. Admin. Code § 10:15-2.1 - Department of Human Services responsibilities in child care service programs

Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 7, April 4, 2022

(a) The DHS is the lead State agency responsible for child care service program delivery in the State. The DHS, through its division, the DFD and the DCF, through its division, CP & P, shall coordinate and supervise the administration of all child care programs and contracted child care centers funded by the TANF/CCDF and the DHS State grants and aid.
(b) The DHS shall submit and update State Plans and amendments for the TANF/CCDF and State grants and aid to ACF as required.
(c) The DHS shall adhere to Federal and State laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the administration of the TANF/CCDF programs in this chapter and shall establish program operational and fiscal procedures for the effective Statewide administration of these programs.
1. The fiscal procedures shall delineate the State's expenditure of TANF/CCDF funds; and
2. The operational and fiscal procedures used by the DHS to monitor, report and contract for services with other agencies and units of State and local government in the operation of the child care programs shall be established and made available to interested parties.
(d) The DHS shall contract with the CCR & Rs and contracted centers to administer the TANF/CCDF child care services components of these programs and other child care programs as required or as Federal and State funding is identified at the county level. The DHS shall require assurances from the CCR & R that no conflict of interest exists in the CCR & R's provision of the DHS child care programs with existing contracts and/or agreements held by that agency in administering child care services, and that the CCR & R institutes a conflict of interest policy that is in compliance with the DHS policy and procedures.
(e) The DHS shall make available to the general public educational information concerning licensing and regulatory requirements, complaint procedures, and policies relative to child care service programs, as set forth in this chapter.
(f) The DHS shall have an appeals process through the DFD in place to resolve issues concerning TANF/CCDF programs, which are not satisfied at the level of the CCR & R, as delineated at N.J.A.C. 10:15-2.4(a)18. The DHS shall also have a provision to govern fair hearings related to WFNJ and TCC child care services as identified in N.J.A.C. 10:90-9.3.
(g) The DHS shall monitor the CCR & R and contracted centers for compliance with child care program policies.
(h) The DHS shall ensure that payment rates for child care services under the DHS child care programs are sufficient to provide equal access for eligible children under its programs to comparable child care services in the State that are provided to children whose parents are not eligible to receive assistance under these programs.
(i) The DHS shall ensure that, through its child care services' planning process, services are coordinated with existing Federal, State and local child care and early childhood development programs including CCR & Rs and contracted centers. Written agreements which delineate responsibilities and duties shall be executed by the DHS for interagency coordination with other State departments.
(j) The TANF/CCDF funds and State grants in aid shall be used by the DHS to provide quality child care services and for improvements to the child care system of the State and to improve the availability and quality of child care and for early childhood development. For activities to improve the quality of child care, the DHS may enter into purchase of service contracts and/or grants with eligible entities through the competitive State process (request for proposal) or continuation funding.


N.J. Admin. Code § 10:15-2.1
Amended by R.2009 d.18, effective 1/5/2009.
See: 40 N.J.R. 2637(b), 41 N.J.R. 226(b).
In (a), substituted the first occurrence of "division" for "divisions" and inserted "DCF, through its division,"; in (d), (f) and (g), substituted "CCR & R" for "UCCA" throughout; in (d) and (i), substituted "CCR & Rs" for "UCCAs"; and in (d), substituted "CCR & R's" for "UCCA's".
Notice of readoption with technical changes.
See: 48 N.J.R. 2807(a).

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