N.J. Admin. Code § 10:37-5.69 - Services

Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 7, April 4, 2022

(a) Services to be provided: The C & E Program Element shall include, but not be limited to, these services:
1. Community organization (See Service Dictionary for specific definitions):
i. Locality development;
ii. System planning (in concert with the County Mental Health Board);
iii. Social action.
2. Systems/staff/case consultation;
3. Information and referral;
4. Community education and resource development.
(b) Priorities:
1. C & E departments shall develop annual C & E plans which include goals, objectives, current and projected programs, and identified target organizations and/or population groups. This plan shall be consistent with:
i. A community needs assessment, including data available regarding underserved geographical areas and/or populations in the agency's Service Area. This needs assessment shall be performed by the Research and Program Evaluation staff in the agency, whenever such staff is available;
ii. Inappropriate Service Area referral sources to State and county psychiatric hospitals; this data shall be gathered by the Emergency and Screening programs in the Service Area and should then be shared with C & E for coordination of Community Education efforts;
iii. County mental health plan;
iv. State and/or Federal Service Guidelines for C & E;
v. Overall center goals;
vi. Staff competencies;
vii. Cost effectiveness.
2. C & E objectives should be measurable, with clearly outlined, time-limited action steps for achievement.
3. Each C & E plan shall also include an outcome evaluation mechanism to:
i. Judge the impact of its C & E program on the audience, the service system, or the Service Area's target populations (as noted in 10:37-5.2 ); and
ii. Provide feedback from targeted agency/group/organization as to their perception of the C & E program's value.
4. In addition to (b)1 through 3 above, the C & E annual plan must address the following State C & E service priorities as well:
i. Incorporation of consultation/education aimed at boarding homes/single room occupancy residences in the Service Area. C & E staff shall develop programs for operators which:
(1) Make them aware of community-based emergency/crisis intervention services, as well as other services offered by the community agencies;
(2) Help them to utilize and recognize need for linkages with mental health and related social services as alternatives to hospitalization.
ii. Working with the Service Area Screening Service, if one exists, to identify gatekeepers referring people to State/county hospitals without first being screened by a community mental health agency. In conjunction with Screening Staff, C & E staff shall help to develop a coordinated inservice training program for its Service Area which:
(1) Sensitizes gatekeepers to the existence of community mental health services;
(2) Urges their utilization of community-based alternatives to hospitalization; and
(3) Increases their knowledge and skills in effectively serving individual clients appropriately.
iii. Locality development activities which will lead to expanded employment and housing opportunities for mental health target populations.
5. Staff shall identify local community resources, potential natural support systems and generic community services. Through community education, C & E shall try to gain access for target populations to those services and to serve as a catalyst for the development of a coordinated network of service options for target groups and self-help groups.
6. The active participation and initiative of local communities shall be encouraged and considered vital to the success of the C & E Program.
7. A variety of methods shall be employed. These shall include, but not be limited to: systems/class advocacy, community meetings, workshops, training presentations and locality development. Systems planning, needs assessments and/or service utilization surveys, may also be done, but should be coordinated with the County Mental Health Board's planning process and existing Federal CMHC's Research and Evaluation Program in a particular Service Area.
8. C & E Staff shall give information regarding the service needs of the mental health target populations to the agency Director.
9. In implementing the above, the C & E Staff shall attempt to be change agents within their own agency, as well as in the larger community, by systematically working with community organizations, identifying community service needs and suggesting ways to modify service models to meet those needs.


N.J. Admin. Code § 10:37-5.69

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