N.J. Admin. Code § 10:78-6.1 - Notice of the eligibility determination agency decision

Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 7, April 4, 2022

(a) The eligibility determination agency shall promptly notify any applicant for, or beneficiary of, the NJ FamilyCare program in writing of any agency decision affecting the applicant or beneficiary. When a decision relates to any adverse action which may entitle a beneficiary to a grievance review, the action shall not be implemented until at least 10 days after the mailing of the notice (see (e) below for exceptions to the 10-day notice requirement).
1. For notices of action adverse to a beneficiary, the date of mailing of the notice shall appear on the notice.
2. Notices of any eligibility determination agency action shall contain the name, address, and telephone number of the legal services agency serving that county.
3. In the case of an applicant or beneficiary who cannot be located, the notice shall be mailed to his or her last known address.
(b) All notices of agency decision shall state, in clear and simple language, the nature of the agency decision and an accurate and factual legal basis for the decision.
1. All notices of the agency decision shall include an explanation of the right to a grievance review.
2. All notices of agency decisions adverse to the applicant or recipient shall include the complete citation and title of the rule(s) upon which the agency decision is based.
(c) All notices of denial or termination shall include an explicit statement of the reason for program ineligibility and (except in the case of the death of an applicant or beneficiary) shall advise of the right to reapply whenever the applicant or beneficiary believes that circumstances have changed such that the reason for program ineligibility no longer exist.
(d) When the processing of an application shall be delayed beyond the standards for disposition of an application as set forth in 10:78-2.1(d), notice shall be mailed prior to the expiration of the disposition period notifying the applicant of the delay and the reasons for the delay.
(e) The 10-day notice requirement for actions adverse to a program beneficiary need not be adhered to when:
1. The eligibility determination agency has factual information confirming the death of a beneficiary;
2. The eligibility determination agency receives a clear written statement, signed by the beneficiary, that he or she no longer wishes to receive program benefits, or which gives information indicating a change in circumstances which requires a termination or reduction in benefits, and the beneficiary has indicated in writing that he or she understands that termination or reduction in benefits shall be the consequence of supplying such information;
3. The beneficiary's whereabouts are unknown and agency mail directed to him or her has been returned by the postal service indicating no forwarding address;
4. The beneficiary has been accepted for public or medical assistance in another state and that fact has been confirmed by the eligibility determination agency; or
5. A beneficiary child has been removed from the home as a result of a judicial determination or voluntarily placed in foster care by his or her legal guardian.


N.J. Admin. Code § 10:78-6.1

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