N.J. Admin. Code § 10:88-6.4 - Security and control of Families First cards

Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 7, April 4, 2022

(a) The CWA shall maintain a supply of Families First card stock in quantity sufficient to meet the demands of initial issuance and replacement.
(b) When a shipment of blank Families First cards is received by the CWA, the date of receipt and the primary account number of the first and last card in the shipment shall be checked against the card manifest and recorded by two CWA staff. Each subsequent distribution of Families First cards to CWA card issuance staff shall be checked and recorded in the same manner.
1. If any package shows signs of having been tampered with, then each card in that package shall be individually counted and compared with the card manifest. If any cards are missing, the CWA EBT coordinator shall be notified immediately and shall promptly deactivate those cards on the EBT system. The CWA chief investigator shall also be notified and shall file a report with the shipping agent concerning the circumstances and conduct an investigation.
(c) All supplies of Families First cards shall be maintained by the CWA Fiscal Unit in a secure area. Such area shall be separate from the area in which card forms/logs or records are kept.
(d) The CWA shall maintain a card log that contains the date of distribution, the number of cards dispensed and their PANs, as well as the signatures of both the Fiscal Unit staff member who dispenses the cards and the individual who receives them.
1. Completed log forms shall be retained for a period of three years. Such period shall commence with the most recent date of entry on the subject form.
2. Each subsequent receipt of a block of Families First cards shall be recorded on a separate form.
3. Families First cards shall be issued in numerical sequence within each block.
4. Any cancelled, damaged or returned cards shall be noted on the log form and shall be immediately identified as such on the EBT database.
i. Damaged or cancelled cards that are not required as part of an investigation shall be disposed of through shredding.
5. At the end of each working day, all unused cards shall be returned to a securely locked storage area. Returned unused cards shall be reconciled to the number of cards taken out of storage at the beginning of the day, less the number of cards issued that day. Under no circumstances shall any Families First cards be accessible to unauthorized persons or be left unsecured overnight.
(e) In circumstances where it appears that internal CWA security has been breached, the chief investigator, in coordination with the CWA EBT coordinator, shall take immediate steps to investigate the incident. This includes, but is not limited to, securing the originals of any documentation. These records shall be treated as possible evidence and handled in such a manner as to preserve any fingerprints.


N.J. Admin. Code § 10:88-6.4

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