N.J. Admin. Code § 11:21-2.5 - Board structure and meetings

Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 7, April 4, 2022

(a) The Program shall exercise its powers through a Board.
1. The Board shall be made up of the Commissioner, the Commissioner of Health and Senior Services, or their designees (who shall serve ex officio) and 16 public members. The composition of the Board shall be as described in 17B:27A-29 as amended. No person representing one of the public members shall serve, or continue to serve, on the Board unless such person represents one of the categories specified in 17B:27A-29 as amended.
2. Initially, three of the elected public members shall serve for a term of three years; three shall serve for a term of two years; and three shall serve for a term of one year. The tenth elected public member, added by P.L. 1994, c.94 shall be elected for a three year term. Of the two elected members added by P.L. 1995, c.298, that is, a health maintenance organization and a carrier whose principal health insurance business is in the small employer market, which new members shall replace the risk-assuming carrier and the reinsuring carrier, one of the two new members shall serve for a term of one year and one of the two new members shall serve for a term of two years. Initially, of the six appointed public members added to the Board by P.L. 1994, c.97, two shall be appointed for a term of one year, two for a term of two years and two for a term of three years. Thereafter, all public members shall serve for a term of three years. A vacancy in the membership of the Board shall be filled for an unexpired term in the manner provided for in the original election or appointment, as appropriate. The public directors shall serve their terms of office until their replacements are duly elected or pursuant to the terms of their appointments as applicable.
i. On or about 60 days prior to the date of the election meeting, the Board shall send written notice to the Program members setting forth the time, date and place of the election meeting, stating the positions for which a vote is to be taken, soliciting written nominations of candidates for those positions, and stating the last date that written nominations shall be accepted, which shall be no less than 10 business days following the date of the written notice.
ii. Following the close of the nomination period, the Board shall determine from among the carriers and/or small employers representatives nominated those persons that are eligible and willing to serve in the position for which nominated. Carriers may be placed on the ballot for only one position, and may not hold more than one seat on the Board. If a carrier is nominated for two or more positions for which it is eligible, the carrier shall notify the Board as to the single position for which it will accept the nomination, and be designated on the ballot.
iii. At least 30 calendar days prior to the date of the election meeting, the Board shall send a written notice to members setting forth the candidates to be considered for purposes of voting at the election meeting, along with a ballot by which the member carrier may vote absentee on or before a date specified by the Board, which shall be no earlier than three business days prior to the date of the election meeting.
iv. Affiliated carriers shall have no more than one vote for each position subject to vote and no two affiliated carriers shall serve on the Board at the same time.
v. Elections shall be by the highest number of votes properly cast in person and absentee.
vi. The Board shall maintain a written record of each election, including copies of all notices sent, ballots received and the tally sheets in accordance with its record retention procedures set forth at 11:21-2.1 1.
3. The Board may elect a Chair and Vice Chair from among its Directors, as well as other officers, as it deems appropriate. The election of officers shall be held annually or more frequently if needed to fill vacancies. Subject to the provisions of the Act and as authorized by the Board, such officers are authorized to serve as signatories on behalf of the Board and perform other ministerial functions necessary and proper to effectuate the actions of the Board.
(b) The votes of the Board shall be on a one person, one vote basis. An elected carrier member, and the Commissioners of Health and Banking and Insurance or their designees, may designate a voting alternate employed by the same carrier or same State agency, as appropriate. Appointed public members and the three small employer representatives, all of whom are appointed or elected as individuals, may not designate a voting alternate.
(c) A majority of the Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The acts of the majority of the Directors at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the acts of the Board, except as otherwise provided herein.
(d) Meetings of the Board shall be held in accordance with the State's Open Public Meetings Act.
(e) At least once each year, the Board shall meet to:
1. Review the Plan and submit proposed amendments, if any, to the Commissioner for review;
2. Review reports of the committees established by the Board;
3. Review and approve the rate of interest to be charged for late payments;
4. Review and approve changes in the communications program;
5. Determine whether any technical corrections or amendments to the Act should be recommended to the Commissioner;
6. Fill any vacancies among the Directors who represent carriers which exist or which will exist pursuant to a resolution of the Board or the expiration of a Director's normal term of office; and
7. Review, consider, and act on any matters deemed by the Board to be necessary and proper for the administration of the program.
(f) The Board shall hold other meetings upon the request of the Chair or three or more Directors, as deemed appropriate. A meeting may be held in person or by telephone. Notice of such a meeting and its purpose shall be provided to the general public and to the Directors in accordance with the State's Open Public Meetings Act.
(g) The Board shall keep reasonably comprehensible minutes of all its meetings showing the time and place, the Directors present, the subjects considered, the actions taken, the vote of each Director, and any other information required to be shown in the minutes by law. The original of the public record shall be retained by the Board or its agent and shall be promptly available to the public to the extent that making such matters public shall not be inconsistent with Section 7 of the Open Public Meetings Act (10:4-12 ). The minutes of each meeting of the Board shall be delivered forthwith to the Commissioner; delivery to the Commissioner's designee on the Board shall satisfy this requirement.
(h) The Board may establish rules of the Program consistent with the Act and this Plan.
(i) Amendments to the Plan or suggestions for technical corrections to the Act shall require the concurrence of a majority of the entire Board.
(j) Directors shall not be compensated by the Program for their services but may be reimbursed for reasonable unreimbursed travel expenses incurred in attending Board and committee meetings pursuant to the State Travel Guidelines issued by the Department of the Treasury.
(k) The Board may adopt rules for the taking of testimony from the public, which may include rules relating to the time and place of any such public hearing, and reasonable rules for the length and format of testimony from individuals, groups and organizations.
(l) The Board may take up any additional matters which are appropriate to effectuate the provisions of this Act.
(m) The affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the Directors present at a meeting shall be required to authorize assessments and the expenditure of Program funds.


N.J. Admin. Code § 11:21-2.5
Amended by 48 N.J.R. 2360(a), effective 11/7/2016

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