N.J. Admin. Code § 11:5-11.9 - Applications for temporary suspension

Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 7, April 4, 2022

(a) The Commission may on its own motion, and upon the terms and conditions as set forth in 45:15-17.1 and as the Commission deems appropriate, enter an order temporarily suspending the license of any licensee upon making a finding that prima facie evidence exists that:
1. The licensee has failed to account for or to pay over any moneys belonging to others that have come into the possession of the licensee, in violation of 45:15-17(d); or
2. The licensee has commingled his or her personal money or property with the money or property of others or has failed to maintain and deposit such moneys in a special account, separate and apart from personal or other business accounts, when acting in the capacity of a real estate broker, or escrow agent, or as the temporary custodian of the funds of others, in a real estate transaction, in violation of 45:15-17(o).
(b) At least 24 hours prior to ordering a temporary suspension, the Commission shall give notice to the licensee of the application for the order and provide the licensee an opportunity to appear before the Commission to show cause why the license should not be suspended pending a full hearing of the matter. Such notice shall be given in writing or telephonically.
1. Written notice shall be served personally or sent by certified mail to the last known business address of the licensee.
2. Telephonic notice shall be confirmed in a writing sent to the licensee's last known business address as soon as practicable after the delivery of the telephonic notice.
3. The person who personally or telephonically delivers notice of an application for a temporary suspension shall execute a certification confirming that he or she has provided the notice, which certification shall be submitted into the record of the proceeding on the application for the temporary suspension.
(c) At the hearing on the application for the temporary suspension, the Commission shall consider evidence presented by the licensee to explain, disprove or rebut the prima facie evidence upon which the application for the temporary suspension is based. Unless otherwise provided in 45:15-17.1, the provisions of 1:1-12.6(f) shall apply to proceedings on applications for temporary suspensions.
(d) Prior to entering any order imposing a temporary suspension as provided in (a) above, the Commission shall also make findings that:
1. An adequate good faith effort to provide notice to the licensee was made and that the licensee was afforded an opportunity to be heard. Submission of the certification referred to in (b) above shall be sufficient to establish that an adequate good faith effort was made to provide notice of the proceeding;
2. Based on the evidence presented, there is a substantial likelihood that the charging party will prevail on the merits when the matter is fully argued before the Commission; and
3. Immediate and irreparable harm will probably result before the licensee can be fully heard. Prima facie evidence of a violation of 45:15-17(d) or (o) shall be considered sufficient to satisfy this criterion.
(e) All orders imposing temporary suspensions shall advise the suspended licensee of the date upon which the Commission shall hold a full evidentiary hearing on the violations upon which the temporary suspension is based, which date shall be no more than 30 days following the effective date of the temporary suspension. Such a hearing shall be a plenary hearing, conducted in accordance with 1:1-14.1 through 14.7.
(f) The temporary suspension shall become effective upon issuance by the Commission, and the licensee and his or her broker shall promptly be notified of its issuance, whereupon the license of the suspended person shall immediately be returned to the Commission. The Commission shall confirm the suspension in a written order which shall be served upon the licensee and his or her broker via personal service or by certified mail, return receipt requested at the licensee's last known business address.
(g) In order to entertain applications for temporary suspensions made during time periods when the Commission is not scheduled to meet, or when a quorum cannot be obtained, the Commission may delegate to three commissioners, at least one of whom shall be either the President or Vice-President of the Commission and at least one of whom shall be a public member, the authority to temporarily suspend a license as provided in (a) through (f) above. In such circumstances, all references in these rules to the Commission shall be construed as referring to the three commissioners so designated by the Commission.


N.J. Admin. Code § 11:5-11.9
New Rule, R.1994 d.270, effective 6/20/1994 (operative July 1, 1994).
See: 26 New Jersey Register 737(a), 26 New Jersey Register 1222(a), 26 New Jersey Register 2586(a).

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