N.J. Admin. Code § 13:69N-1.1 - Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"Canceled wager" means a wager that has been canceled by the system due to any issue with an event that prevents its completion.

"Former racetrack" means any former racetrack where a horse race meeting was conducted within 15 years prior to the effective date of P.L. 2014, c. 62 (N.J.S.A. 5:12A-7et seq.), excluding premises other than the land contained within the racecourse oval.

"Integrity monitoring provider" means a vendor approved by the Division to receive reports of unusual betting activity from sports pool operators for the purpose of assisting them in identifying "suspicious activity."

"Online sports pool" means a sports wagering operation in which wagers on sports events are made through computers or mobile or interactive devices and accepted in Atlantic City through an online gaming system approved by the Division or are accepted through an online gaming system that is located within the physical location of a racetrack that has been issued approval by the Division to operate an online sports pool.

"Operator" or "sports pool operator" means a casino or a racetrack licensee that has elected to operate a sports pool, either independently or jointly; and any entity with whom a sports wagering licensee contracts to operate a sports pool or online sports pool on its behalf; or a party or parties licensed by the Division to accept parimutuel and non-parimutuel wagers on sports events.

"Prohibited sports event" means any single collegiate sports or athletic event that takes place in New Jersey or a single sports or athletic event in which any New Jersey college or university team participates, regardless of where the event takes place. A "prohibited sports event" does not include the other games of a collegiate sports or athletic tournament in which a New Jersey college or university team participates, nor does it include any games of a collegiate tournament that occur outside New Jersey even though some of the individual games or events are held in New Jersey. A "prohibited sports event" includes all amateur sports events, including all high school sports events, but does not include international sports events in which persons under age 18 make up a minority of the participants. A "prohibited sports event" includes all high school sports events, including high school electronic sports events and high school competitive video game events, and any electronic sports event in which any participant is 17 years old or younger.

"Prohibited sports pool participant" means any person who is prohibited pursuant to N.J.A.C. 13:69G or N.J.S.A. 5:12-119 or 5:12-100.n, any individual whose participation may undermine the integrity of the wagering or the sports event, or any person who is prohibited for other good cause, including, but not limited to: any individual placing a wager as an agent or proxy; any person who is an athlete, coach, referee, player, or a referee personnel member, in, or on, any sports event overseen by that person's sports governing body based on publicly available information; a person who holds a position of authority or influence sufficient to exert influence over the participants in a sporting contest, including, but not limited to, coaches, managers, handlers, athletic trainers, or horse trainers; a person with access to certain types of exclusive information on any sports event overseen by that person's sports governing body based on publicly available information, or a person identified by any lists provided by the sports governing body to the Division and the Racing Commission.

"Racetrack" means the physical facility where a permit holder conducts a horse race meeting with pari-mutuel wagering pursuant to a license issued by the New Jersey Racing Commission pursuant to P.L. 1940, c. 17 (N.J.S.A. 5:5-22et seq.) and includes a former racetrack.

"Racing Commission" means the New Jersey Racing Commission established by P.L. 1940, c. 17, section 1 (N.J.S.A. 5:5-22).

"Resettled wager" means a wager where the original settled wager result is modified due to an error or change in the result of the underlying event.

"Settled wager" means a wager that has been resolved with a result of either a win, loss, or push to the patron.

"Sports event" means any sport, athletic contest, or athletic event not prohibited by the Director, including all professional electronic sports and competitive video game events that are not sponsored by high schools, do not include high school teams, and do not include any participant under the age of 18 years.

"Sports pool" means the business of accepting wagers on any sports event by any system or method of wagering.

"Sports pool manager" means a key employee of a casino licensee or racetrack permit holder, or a qualified employee of a casino service industry enterprise, responsible for the operations of sports wagering and final approval of all odds established on any wager made pursuant to this chapter.

"Sports pool system" means all equipment and software used in conjunction with the operation of a sports pool.

"Sports pool ticket" means a printed record issued or an electronic record maintained by the sports pool system that evidences a sports wager.

"Sports pool voucher" means a printed record issued by a sports pool system that may be used to fund a sports wager.

"Sports wagering lounge" means a primary area of at least 2,500 square feet where a sports pool is operated within a casino or racetrack.

"Sports wagering satellite lounge" means one or more secondary areas approved by the Division where a sports pool is operated within a casino or racetrack.

"Suspicious betting activity" means unusual betting activity that cannot be explained and is indicative of match fixing, the manipulation of an event, misuse of inside information, or other prohibited activity.

"Temporary sports pool facility" means an area approved by the Division for use in sports pool operations during the construction of a sports pool lounge and include the utilization of designated windows at the current casino cage or racetrack betting window for purposes of placing sports betting wagers and also includes self-service wagering machines located at the racetrack or casino hotel complex.

"Unusual betting activity" means abnormal wagering activity exhibited by patrons and deemed by the sports pool operator as a potential indicator of suspicious activity. Abnormal wagering activity may include the size of a patron's wager or increased wagering volume on a particular event or wager type.

"Voided wager" means a wager voided by a ticket writer with supervisor approval or by a sports pool system for a specific event.


N.J. Admin. Code § 13:69N-1.1
Adopted by 50 N.J.R. 1652(a), effective 7/16/2018 Amended by 51 N.J.R. 1514(b), effective 10/7/2019

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