N.J. Admin. Code § 13:69N-2.2 - Wagering area; required personnel; wagering counter

(a) Sports wagering shall occur in the simulcasting facility or other designated area as approved by the Division. Slot machines shall not be permitted in any area designated for the acceptance of sports wagers located in a racetrack or a casino simulcasting facility. Slot machines may not be located in any other area designated for acceptance of sports wagers without the approval of the Division.
(b) Each wagering operator shall have:
1. An oddsmaker; and
2. An operations wagering manager.
(c) All wagers pursuant to this chapter shall be placed with a wagering cashier at a wagering counter or approved wagering station. A wager from a laptop computer, cell phone, tablet computer, or other mobile device, unless specifically authorized by the Division, shall be prohibited. The wagering counter and the operation thereof shall conform to the requirements for a simulcast counter as set forth at 13:69D-1.14(e). Nothing shall preclude a casino simulcast cashier from processing sports wagers, provided that the casino licensee is able to distinguish casino simulcast revenue therefrom and accurately report thereon.
(d) Each wagering operator's accounting internal controls shall detail the reconciliation of assets and documents contained in the wagering cashier drawers. These procedures shall provide for the reporting of any overage or shortage. All such documents shall be forwarded to casino accounting or a racetrack's accounting department on a daily basis.
(e) Each casino licensee and wagering operator shall adopt and conspicuously display, in the area where sports wagers are accepted, comprehensive house rules governing wagering transactions with patrons. The Division reserves the right to reject any house rule. A record of any change to house rules shall be maintained for a period of one year from the date of the change. The house rules shall conform to the provisions of this chapter and shall specify:
1. The amounts paid on winning wagers;
2. The effect of schedule changes;
3. The method of notifying patrons of odds or proposition changes;
4. The acceptance of wagers at other than posted terms; and
5. The expiration of any winning ticket one year after the date of the event.
(f) No one under the age of 21 years of age may place a wager pursuant to this chapter in a sports pool lounge.


N.J. Admin. Code § 13:69N-2.2

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