N.J. Admin. Code § 13:69N-2.3 - Patron wagers

(a) A wagering operator shall not accept any wager pursuant to this chapter unless it has provided written notification to the Division of the first time that wagering on a category of wagering event (for example, wagering on a particular type of professional sport) is offered to the public at least two business days prior to accepting a wager on such category of wagering event, provided that notice is not required whenever the odds change on a previously offered wagering event. The Division reserves the right to prohibit the acceptance of wagers, and may order the cancellation of wagers and require refunds on any event for which wagering would be contrary to the public policies of the State.
(b) A wagering operator shall only accept wagers on wagering events for which:
1. The outcome can be verified;
2. The outcome can be generated by a reliable and independent process;
3. The outcome would not be affected by any wager placed; and
4. The event is conducted in conformity with all applicable laws.
(c) Upon accepting a wager pursuant to this chapter, a wagering cashier shall cause the wagering system to generate a wagering ticket. The wagering ticket shall include, at a minimum, the following:
1. The operator's name;
2. The address at which a winning ticket may be redeemed by mail;
3. An event number;
4. A description of the event;
5. A unique wagering ticket identifier;
6. For paper tickets, a barcode or similar symbol or marking, as approved by the Division, corresponding to the unique wagering ticket identifier;
7. The date and time of issuance;
8. A cashier identifier;
9. The location of issuance;
10. The amount of the wager;
11. Payout odds; and
12. The date of the event.
(d) A wagering operator shall not unilaterally rescind any wager pursuant to this chapter without the prior written approval of the Division.
(e) Patron wagers pursuant to this chapter shall be made in cash and, if authorized by the Division, vouchers and gaming chips.
(f) The available wagers shall be displayed in a manner visible to the public and the operator's CCTV system. The display shall include the event number, odds, and a brief description of the event.
(g) Wagers on the following are prohibited:
1. Any collegiate sport or athletic event that takes place in New Jersey or any individual sporting or athletic event in which any New Jersey college team directly participates regardless of where the event takes place; and
2. Any event which the Division deems to be contrary to public policy.
(h) Winning wagering tickets shall be redeemed by a wagering cashier after verifying the validity of the wagering ticket through the wagering system. The cashier shall cause the system to electronically redeem and cancel the wagering ticket upon redemption.
(i) A patron may redeem by mail a winning wagering ticket to the address provided thereon. Upon receipt, the wagering ticket shall be forwarded to the accounting department where a member of the accounting department with no incompatible function shall record on a log the name of the patron, the date the wagering ticket was received, the date the ticket was issued, the ticket number, and the event number. The ticket shall then be forwarded to the wagering counter or, if applicable, the simulcast counter where a cashier shall cause the electronic cancellation of the ticket and the issuance of a check to the patron in the amount of the winning wager in accordance with the wagering operator's internal controls.
(j) Any unclaimed winning ticket expires one year after the date of the event. Expired tickets shall be subject to the provisions of 5:12-141.2.b.
(k) No wagering ticket shall be voided after the start of the wagering event on which a wager has been placed.


N.J. Admin. Code § 13:69N-2.3

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