N.J. Admin. Code § 7:1E-5.8 - Confirmation report and recordkeeping

Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 7, April 4, 2022

(a) Any owner or operator of a transmission pipeline or of a major facility who has notified the Department of a discharge from a regulated portion of the transmission pipeline or from a regulated portion of the major facility pursuant to 7:1E-5.3 shall send to the Department a written confirmation report within 30 days of said notification.
(b) (Reserved)
(c) Any person required to submit a confirmation report pursuant to (a) above shall include the following in the confirmation report:
1. The name, address and telephone number of the individual that reported the discharge pursuant to 7:1E-5.3;
2. The name, address and telephone number of the individual submitting the confirmation report if different from the individual identified in (c)1 above, and the relationship between said persons, such as employer-employee, or contractor-client;
3. The name, address and telephone number of each owner and operator of the facility at which the discharge occurred, or the vessel or vehicle from which the discharge occurred;
4. The Communications Center number, assigned by the Department when the discharge was reported pursuant to 7:1E-5.3(a);
5. The source of the discharge, if known;
6. The location of the discharge, as follows:
i. For discharge from sites located on land, the name of the site, the street address, the tax lot and block, the municipality, the county, and a site map identifying the point at which the discharge occurred and the surrounding area;
ii. For discharges on, under or into water, the name of the water body, and a map identifying the source of the discharge; and
iii. For all discharges that affect areas not under the control of the owner or operator, a map of the area affected by the discharge;
7. A list of the common name and Chemical Abstract Service number of each of the hazardous substances discharged;
8. A list of the quantities of each hazardous substance discharged, including best estimates if the quantities are unknown;
9. The following chronology:
i. The date and time at which the discharge began;
ii. The date and time at which the discharge was discovered;
iii. The date and time at which the discharge ended; and
iv. The date and time at which the Department was notified pursuant to 7:1E-5.3;
10. A description of the measures taken to contain, clean up and remove the discharge, and a summary of costs incurred;
11. Corrective or preventive measures taken or proposed to minimize the possibility of recurrence;
12. The name, addresses and telephone numbers of all entities involved in containment, cleanup or removal of the discharge;
13. Information supplementing any information previously provided to the Department if additional relevant information is discovered, or if it is determined that the information previously provided was false, inaccurate or misleading;
14. Any other information concerning the discharge which the Department may request; and
15. A fully executed certification pursuant to 7:1E-4.11.
(d) Any person required to submit a confirmation report pursuant to (a) above shall promptly notify the Department in writing of any additional or corrected information which becomes available after the submission of a confirmation report, within 10 days of the availability of that information. Such information shall reference the date, title and author of the confirmation report which is being supplemented.
(e) Any person required to submit a confirmation report for a discharge at a major facility or transmission pipeline shall submit the confirmation report to: Bureau of Release Prevention

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

P.O. Box 420, Mail Code 22-03D

Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0420

Attention: Discharge Confirmation Report

(f) Any person required to submit a written report pursuant to 7:1E-5.2 shall submit the report to: Site Remediation and Waste Management

Emergency Planning and Response Element

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

401 East State Street

PO Box 028

Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0028

Attention: Discharge Confirmation Report


N.J. Admin. Code § 7:1E-5.8
Amended by R.1996 d.252, effective 6/3/1996.
See: 27 N.J.R. 2337(a), 27 N.J.R. 2882(a), 28 N.J.R. 2858(a).
Amended by R.1996 d.462, effective 10/7/1996.
See: 28 N.J.R. 2730(a), 28 N.J.R. 4424(b).
Administrative change.
See: 32 N.J.R. 1796(a).
Amended by R.2000 d.352, effective 8/21/2000.
See: 31 N.J.R. 3561(a), 32 N.J.R. 3091(a).
In (c)5iii, deleted N.J.A.C. reference and in (c)13, amended N.J.A.C. references.
Amended by R.2001 d.355, effective 10/1/2001.
See: 33 N.J.R. 1255(a), 33 N.J.R. 3518(a).
Reserved (b).
Amended by R.2007 d.93, effective 4/2/2007.
See: 38 N.J.R. 4285(a), 39 N.J.R. 1253(a).
Added new (c)4; recodified former (c)4 through (c)11 as (c)5 through (c)12; rewrote (c)6i, (c)6ii and (c)9; deleted former (c)12 and (c)13; recodified (c)14 through (c)16 as (c)13 through (c)15; in the address in (e), substituted "Release" for "Discharge"; and in the address in (f), substituted "and Waste Management" for "Program" and "Emergency Planning and" for "Discharge".
Administrative correction and change.
See: 46 N.J.R. 438(a).

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